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Your Safety Drives Us to Be the Best
To learn more about our multi-layered plan for keeping our students and instructors safe, watch our short safety video and read a summary of our Five-Star Safety Plan.

Driving School Videos to Help Teen Drivers

Top 10 DMV Drive Test Fails to Avoid
Top 10 DMV Test Fails
Ready to Take Your Driver's License Test at the DMV? Check out our helpful list of the top-10 errors students make on their DMV Drive Test, and learn the proper way to successfully handle each situation.
Right-of-Way Residential
Right-of-Way Residential (Right-of-Way Part 1)
Whose turn is it to go, anyway? Understanding the rules of right-of-way in residential neighborhoods will help you know when to go and when to stop or yield.
Right-of-Way Major Streets
Right-of-Way Major Streets (Right-of-Way Part 2)
Hop in the passenger seat and buckle up with driving instructor Micah as he shows you what to do and what not to do in different right-of-way situations on major streets.
Right-of-Way Canyons & Freeways
Right-of-Way Freeways & Canyons (Right-of-Way Part 3)
Fast moving freeway traffic and winding canyon roads are dangerous driving environments. Knowing the right-of-way rules for these challenging roadways is a must for any safe driver.
Speed Control Tips
Speed Control
Speed control is a lot more than just driving the speed limit. Get to know the "Basic Speed Law", how to drive smoothly, and how NOT to fail your DMV test for driving too slow or too fast.
Curbside Parking Tips
Curbside Parking
Want to pass the DMV test? Learn the correct way to Curbside park and then back up alongside the curb in a straight line. Join Micah as he walks you through the process step by step.
Checking Major Street Intersections
Traffic Checks - Major Street Intersections
Let Drivers Ed Direct Driving School teach you the proper way to do traffic checks in the city on major streets. You'll learn how to handle all the different intersections found in major traffic, including left-turns, right-turns, and entering major streets from a residential neighborhood.
Traffic Checks Residential
Traffic Checks - Residential
Join expert driving instructor Micah from Drivers Ed Direct as he drives the conversation on how to perform residential traffic checks safely and effectively. You'll learn how to handle all of the different intersections found in residential neighborhoods, like All-way stops, 2-ways, stops, T-intersections, and more!
Blind Spot Checks
Blind Spot Checks
Checking blind spots is one of the most important aspects of safe driving! Join expert driving instructor Micah from Drivers Ed Direct as he looks over his shoulder and breaks down how to perform blind spot checks properly.
Braking and Stopping
Braking and Stopping
Learn how to brake nice and smooth with driving instructor Alejandra. You'll also learn the ins and outs of how and where to stop for your safety, as well as what is expected of you to pass the DMV Drive Test.
Parallel Parking How To
Parallel Parking
Parallel Parking can be a tough task for any driver, let alone a new driver. Jay and Drivers Ed Direct break parallel parking down into 5 easy steps that any driver can use to parallel park with ease!
AT&T takes a look at the dangers of text messaging while driving
Distracted Driving: Text Messaging
AT&T explores the new dangerous habit drivers have picked up by the thousands: texting and driving. Learn the truth about how dangerous it is to text message while operating a motor vehicle.

Videos Featuring Drivers Ed Direct®

Drivers Ed Direct on Keeping Up with the Kardashians
Keeping Up with the Kardashians
Kendall Jenner is turning 16 and, like every other teen her age, is very excited about getting her license. Dad, Bruce Jenner, hires Drivers Ed Direct to help his daughter pass the DMV drive test... success!
Drivers Ed Direct Featured on NBC Los Angeles
A Driving School Going Green
NBC's Pablo Pereira takes a look at Drivers Ed Direct: "A Driving School Going Green". Listen to what past students have to say about their experience. This video is made available courtesy of KNBC LA.