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Drivers Ed Direct with Conan O'Brien
With Conan O'Brien
Drivers Ed Direct's lead driving instructor Tom Milewski lends Conan a hand and shows one of Conan's staff members the finer points of parallel parking with our Toyota Prius training vehicle.
Drivers Ed Direct on Keeping Up with the Kardashians
Keeping Up with the Kardashians
Kendall Jenner is turning 16 and, like every other teen her age, is very excited about getting her license. Dad, Bruce Jenner, hires Drivers Ed Direct to help his daughter pass the DMV drive test... success!
Drivers Ed Direct Featured on NBC Los Angeles
A Driving School Going Green
NBC's Pablo Pereira takes a look at Drivers Ed Direct: "A Driving School Going Green". Listen to what past students have to say about their experience. This video is made available courtesy of KNBC LA.
Drivers Ed Direct Helps Dr. Phil Changes Some Tires
Drivers Ed Direct on Dr. Phil - 2008
When tires need changing, Dr. Phil calls on Drivers Ed Direct for assistance. Check out our lead driving instructor Tom giving some pointers... This video is made available courtesy of Dr. Phil.
Drivers Ed Direct Gives Dr. Phil a Lift
Drivers Ed Direct on Dr. Phil - 2007
When Dr. Phil needs the best driving lessons available for any of his show participants, who else would he call than Drivers Ed Direct? Check it out ... This video is made available courtesy of Dr. Phil.
Thanks Tom & Drivers Ed Direct!
A Special Student Thank You
We love student feedback and this video is no exception! A great video montage created by one of our successful students who passed his DMV drive test with a 100%... thanks to instructor Tom and everyone at Drivers Ed Direct!

Russell Brand Learns to Drive with Drivers Ed Direct

Russell Brand on Jimmy Kimmel Live
Talking Drivers Ed Direct on Jimmy Kimmel
I guess it's not just hundreds of teenaged driving school students that love Tom - Driver Ed Direct's lead driving instructor. Count Russell Brand a fan of Tom and watch as Russell goes on and on about learning to drive in our Prius.
The Tonight Show with Jay Leno
Drivers Ed Direct Prius on Jay Leno
Jay Leno and Russell Brand have a humorous discussion about learning to drive in Los Angeles and the Drivers Ed Direct training vehicle gets some nice air-time on national television.

Teen Driving Videos

Geico Teen Driving Video on Drivers Ed Direct
Real Teen Driving
With hidden cameras and no scripts, "Real Teen Driving" shows the difficult challenges facing new teen drivers. Watch "Real Teen Driving" for a look at teen driving when parents aren't in the car. This video is made available courtesy of GEICO.
AT&T takes a look at the dangers of text messaging while driving
Distracted Driving: Text Messaging
AT&T explores the new dangerous habit drivers have picked up by the thousands: texting and driving. Learn the truth about how dangerous it is to text message while operating a motor vehicle.