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Residential Traffic Checks

Residential Traffic Checks - Always Be Scanning

Today we're looking at traffic checks and the role they play at any intersection you'll find in a neighborhood. Missed traffic checks in "real life" commonly lead to collisions and injuries, and missed traffic checks on your DMV test can lead to several point deductions or even the dreaded test auto fail. Join Drivers Ed Direct instructor Micah as he expertly breaks down how and when to perform traffic checks.

What's a Traffic Check?

A traffic check is a defensive driving scan for other traffic, pedestrians, or any other obstacles you may encounter while driving.

How Do You Do a Traffic Check?

In general, you perform a traffic check using quick glances to the left, to the right, and then back to the left again (left-right-left).

When Do You Check a Traffic Check?

You want to do a traffic check before entering any intersection, whether you have the right-of-way or not.

Any Other Traffic Check Tips?

Yes! Don't just do traffic checks before intersections. You also want to be continually scanning the road while you drive straight, looking for any obstacles that may "jump out" in front of your car unexpectedly.