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Hey Californian Teens, Become an Ambassador

Earn CASH for referrals - it's EASY!

Hey, you scratch our back, we'll scratch yours. As a Drivers Ed Direct Ambassador, you'll help promote us at your school. If you refer friends and classmates to us, we'll make sure you get big bonuses when they pay for our online course or a driver training package. It's easy! Why?

Because everybody needs driver's education, right? All you have to do is direct them to the best driving school out there - Drivers Ed Direct. And your friends will love you all the more because they save $10 themselves when they sign up with your Brand Ambassador code.

Here's how being a Drivers Ed Direct ambassador works:

Sign Up

Register online to join and get your own promo code.

Sign Up Online

Hand Out

Pass out your promo code to friends and family.

Hand Out Your Code

They Save

They save $10 when they register with your code.

They Save On Drivers Ed

You Earn!

You earn $10 cash for every paid referral you get!

You Earn!

Once you've registered, I'll send you an email with your own personal ambassador code and I'll mail you some Drivers Ed Direct flyers to help you spread the word. Then the fun begins because you can start to give flyers with your ambassador code on them to all your friends, family, and classmates. Tell them they have to use your code when they register online at If they don't enter your code into the promotion code area, they won't save $10 and you won't get credit for referring them.*

Think Outside the Brand Ambassador Box:

Teen Affiliate Program

How will you earn the most cash? Some of our most successful Brand Ambassadors have come up with some great creative ways to rack up the referrals and earn a lot of extra cash; here are some ideas to get you started:

  • Make a Facebook Fan page that features your promo code.
  • Have your parents hand out your promo code at their work.
  • Hand out your code at team practices and club meetings.
  • Put an ad in the school newspaper or on bulletin boards.
  • Put up a flyer at work in the employee break-room.

Want to hear what one of our Brand Ambassadors thinks about our program? Well, then keep reading:

"Oh my gosh! Thank you so much for your help! I appreciate it greatly! Drivers Ed Direct and Brand Ambassadors have been amazing! Brand Ambassadors is run very efficiently and I have had a great experience! Thanks again because I have always emailed you with all my questions and you have always been a big help!" - Allison G., Brand Ambassador

Any questions? Send an email to – remember, no question is stupid, unless you ask a stupid question.

*Oh, make sure to check out the fine print

So what are you waiting for? The sooner you get started the sooner you start getting the cool stuff you deserve!