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The Drivers Ed Direct Complete Driving School Program

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Our complete program begins with our unique and original lesson plan for drivers education. Our innovative approach to drivers ed includes a highly interactive online course that will teach the basics and fundamentals of safe driving practices. The Drivers Ed Direct online course contains animated scenario lessons, professional writing and questions that will entertain and challenge your child. For those parents that prefer a classroom taught drivers education course, call Drivers Ed Direct to learn why our online course is a smarter choice than a traditional classroom course.

Behind the Wheel Drivers Training

Our behind the wheel instructors are armed with the latest concepts and techniques necessary to teach the type of quality education your teen requires to become a safe motorist. We have developed our Behind-the-Wheel program in collaboration with a California state certified defensive driving trainer to make our drivers training program one of the most up-to-date and effective programs in the country. The principal aspects of this program will not only teach your teen the basics of learning how to drive, but will also emphasize the importance of defensive driving and collision avoidance, which is sometimes overlooked by other driving schools.

Proven Driving Instruction that Works

With Drivers Ed Direct's personalized programs, we will...

  • Identify your child's specific individual needs.
  • Tailor our course curriculum with individual attention and personalized material from our highly trained, DMV licensed driving school instructors.
  • Provide you with Parent Reports: detailed progress reports you receive after every driving lesson.
The Next Generation of In-Car Drivers Training

The Next Generation of Driving Instructors

At Drivers Ed Direct, we take the training of our instructors seriously, and go above and beyond driving school industry standards to insure that our driving instructors are the most qualified in the industry. Therefore, we have consulted leading traffic safety experts to develop our own unique instructor training lesson plan which utilizes "state of the art" defensive driving strategies that are designed for today's technology and demanding traffic conditions. Most driving schools conduct their instructor training by just simply having them observe other instructors randomly teaching their students in a classroom and behind the wheel. Also, many driving schools will even outsource their instructors to other schools to randomly observe their instructors teaching. However, we have a highly structured, intense, instructor training lesson plan that routinely tests our instructors' abilities to consistently teach safe driving practices.

The Drivers Ed Direct Training Vehicles

All students train in vehicles with additional safety features included such as extra airbags (side and head curtains) and vehicle stability control systems.

At Drivers Ed Direct, it's your choice: Hybrid Car or SUV

Gas-Electric Hybrid Vehicles

First and foremost, we'd like to dispel the myth that gas-electric hybrid vehicles drive differently than a standard gas-only powered car. There is truly no difference in the way the two cars drive, only in the way the engine works. So no matter what type of vehicle your teen drives once they obtain their permit or license, they will have gained the skills necessary to drive every type of vehicle. Drivers Ed Direct is proud to train all students in an all environmentally friendly fleet of cars & SUV's. Read More about our Driving School's Hybrid Fleet

SUV Training

Drivers Ed Direct is one of the few licensed driving schools that offers specialized driving instruction in a Sport Utility Vehicle (SUV). Unlike normal passenger vehicles, SUV's drive differently, and our SUV training lessons focus on this fact. Our ground breaking SUV course thoroughly discusses the risk of rollovers, center of gravity and proper loading amongst other specific SUV related topics. Also, all our SUV's are gas-electric hybrids too!

Be Directly Involved with Your Teen's Drivers Education

We strongly encourage your active participation throughout the process of your teen's driver education studies. Receiving a learner's permit and drivers license is one of the most exciting times in a teens life, but successful driving requires continued training. We'll give you the tools necessary to continue training your child. We'll outline recommendations for providing drivers training to your teen moving forward and give you specific tips and tools that will help you when you go out and practice. Equally as important as the training provided by Drivers Ed Direct is the training you'll give your teen as they progress through their driving career.