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Drivers Ed Direct Teen Testimonials

Student Testimonial: "I chose Drivers Ed Direct because the website was done better than others. It looked like it would train me better for my permit test. Plus, everyone I spoke to in customer service was incredibly helpful and kind. They all helped me out when I didn't know what to do. I easily completed the driver's education online and only got one wrong on my written test. The driving lessons were easy to book and the hours were perfect. The driving lessons were fun. You guys taught me everything I know about driving. Before my first lesson, I had never driven off my block. Every instructor was dressed appropriately, everyone was pretty cool and they really helped me out. They didn't make me do anything that was uncomfortable to do, and I learned a lot from them. Especially Kevin and Simon, I could connect easily with them. I felt most comfortable driving with both of them." - Aidan N., Santa Monica, CA, Santa Monica High School

Student Testimonial: "I am very computer literate, and knew I wanted to take my classes online. I found Drivers Ed Direct online, looked into what needed to be done, and decided to take it with you. It was a very good experience. I never had trouble with the site, and I feel that it really prepared me for getting my license. Whenever I had a question, I was able to contact your staff, and they answered my questions. The instructors were always on time and in uniform. From each lesson I always felt that I learned something and the instructors were quite helpful with any questions I had. Each one talked to me and made things completely comfortable. Any questions that I had about anything they answered, and told me the rules of the road. I think everything you guys are doing is just fine. I have already referred you to others, and several people I know have now taken Drivers Ed with you guys." - Lindsey H., Sylmar, CA, Village Christian High School

Student Testimonial: "A friend recommended Drivers Ed Direct for my training. After my lessons, I very much noticed improvement with my driving. My instructors were well informed. They were all very friendly; they taught me to drive, and made it an interesting experience." - Will T., Calabasas, CA, Calabasas High School

What Students Have To Say!
Student Testimonial: "I heard about Drivers Ed Direct from friends and liked the idea of learning in a Prius. Your website was very easy and informative, much more aesthetic and eye catching than the other company I originally planned to do it with. Your customer service staff was great; they helped a lot and were very prompt in returning my emails. My driving instructor Mike was the best. He was easy to talk to, and a great teacher. Thanks to him, I got a 100% on the behind the wheel test! Even though I'd driven before, my first time driving on a busy street was with Drivers Ed Direct, and I definitely noticed the improvement." - Gina G., Los Angeles, CA, Harvard Westlake

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Drivers Ed Direct Parent Testimonials

Parent Testimonial: "We are so pleased with Drivers Ed Direct and cannot praise them enough. The entire experience was painless and stress free. From the online course to the day they took our daughter to the DMV for her driving test has been a terrific experience. Our daughter was able to choose which instructor she wanted and had a choice of the Prius or the Ford Escape to practice and test in. The follow up emails and the time the instructor spent talking to us before and/or after each lesson gave my husband and I peace of mind that they really do care about their students. The handling of paperwork and answering questions was always professional and the people are very nice. We plan on using them for our other children as well. I would tell anyone to use Drivers Ed Direct. And I don't make a recommendation unless I am 100% please with a company and its service. These people are awesome!!" - Yvonne S., Box Canyon, CA

Parent Testimonial: "We had a coupon for Drivers Ed Direct through Westlake High School, and you were recommended through friends which led us to choose you for my daughter's training. Our experience with your customer service staff was very good. They were polite and very professional. The driving lessons were great and it was a positive experience. The instructors were excellent, very qualified, personable, and professional. I especially liked Brittany, she was very patient and informative; someone my daughter could really relate to. My daughter's driving improved after her lessons, especially with parking in a parking lot after Brittany taught her different techniques." - Sue S., Thousand Oaks, CA, Parent of Westlake High School student

Parent Testimonial: "This program was recommended by a family friend. Plus, you had a kiosk at the mall directly across from the Realty Executives kiosk. I was able to interview the "Drivers Ed Direct" agents that worked at the booth. I enrolled two children. Both enjoyed their trainers and had good experiences with behind the wheel instruction. They gave all instructors "two thumbs up". Lani and Brennan commented on how pleased they were with the classes. Both kids told their friends that your program was better than the others because of the "one on one" experience. Both kids had their favorite instructors and that is attributed to great communication and personality types. There was never a single complaint that my children had regarding your instructors. After they completed their lessons they were better prepared to pass the test from the DMV. Both children passed the DMV driving test on the first round because they were properly trained. The time I spent with the kids made them comfortable behind the wheel, but there were many aspects of the DMV test that I would never remember or be able to prepare them for. The quality of instruction was the number one priority for me. After the feed back that I received from my children, I felt that my money was well spent." - Polly B., Valencia, CA, Parent of Valencia High School students

Parent Testimonial: "We found Drivers Ed Direct to be convenient with a good reputation, giving prompt responses. The website was easy to navigate. The staff was very professional, polite and informative. All of the instructors were Excalibur! They were incredibly thorough and unbelievably patient; far more than I would or could have been in that teaching situation. The influence of your instructors stayed with her even after her lessons. I have already recommended you, many times over and will continue to do so!" - Theresa S., Canyon Country, CA, Parent of Canyon High School student

What Parents Have To Say!
Parent Testimonial: "I want to thank you so much for a successful day of driving. Max came home and said that he really enjoyed driving and that it was very relaxing. He also said that he really liked his instructor Kevin. Thanks for taking such good care of my son." - Nori C., Los Angeles, CA, Parent of Hamilton Music Academy student

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Drivers Ed Direct Adult Testimonials

Adult Testimonial: "It was my sister's recommendation to take driving lessons from Drivers Ed Direct and so I did. I was really nervous at first but because of very good, professional, and experienced instructors (Giovanni and Mike), as the lessons went by, I got more comfortable and confident. The staff are amazing (Nadia and everyone). I was accommodated for any request – either change in schedule or request for a specific instructor. Emails are sent regularly to confirm appointments on top of calls I received reminding me of my appointments.

I would recommend to take the driver's refresher course. The two hour lessons helped me prepare for the actual driving test by going over to the actual DMV site where I am to take the test... the lesson prepared me as it was exactly the way the test was conducted and gained more familiarity of the actual area of the test.

By the way, I now have my license. The next day I got my license, I went out looking for a car and got the car after two days of looking. Ever since had been driving. It was a very special time for me.
What Adults Have To Say!

Thanks to a great company and more power to you!" - Maria V., West Los Angeles, CA

Adult Testimonial: "I wish words are substantial to express my gratitude for helping me obtain my California driver's license. Prior to Drivers Ed Direct, I actually enrolled with another driving school. From such experience, I evaluated the other driving school offerings from Yellow Pages and websites exhaustively. I was specifically impressed with the service provided by Nancy in Customer Service. I was very specific with my requirements such as a flexible schedule with a provision for night classes, a weekend schedule should it be necessary, one-on-one actual driving class with instructors who can pick me up and drop me off at my house. To my surprise, the "Prius" was a "bonus" as it was perfectly the car I was eyeing for when I get my driver's license. The next day, I received an email from Drivers Ed Direct with an on-line simulation of parallel parking, which incidentally, I took for almost an hour. It was not only distinctively interesting but also a challenging on-line experience." - Maria D., North Hollywood, CA

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