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"These guys are the best in the business. They're efficient, on time, reliable, polite and kind and very responsible. They do their minimal paperwork right the first time, teach you the skills you need to know, and don't pressure you to buy more of their services. Also, I lover their website.

I've interacted with several of their people, as of Jan. 2009: Tom, the manager. He's well-spoken on the phone, gave me a discount code, explained everything great. Simon, driving instructor- great guy, knows when to use the instructor's brake pedal, really good at teaching you how to park and take turns. Jordan, driving instructor- chill guy, easy-going, awesome at explaining left turns at lights. Is allergic to cat fur. (oops) Melanie- has hilarious fake accents. She walked me through my first freeway experience and my first u-turn, and they went really well. Gives great positive reinforcement. There are about 18 drivers. All of them are actors waiting for their break, apparently. Anyway, it makes them really good at interacting with people. They're all really good at steering the car from the passenger seat, whether verbally or with a hand on the wheel.

The cars all have GPS, which is great. They control really well and have very reliable brakes, great insurance, and a good maintenance schedule. And they're the only reason I got my license. :) "

Linda Goldstein, Simi Valley, CA

"Dear Drivers Ed Direct,

I wish words are substantial to express my gratitude for helping me obtain my California driver's license. Prior to Drivers Ed Direct, I actually enrolled with another driving school. From such experience, I evaluated the other driving school offerings from Yellow Pages and websites exhaustively. I was specifically impressed with the service provided by Nancy in Customer Service. I was very specific with my requirements such as a flexible schedule with a provision for night classes, a weekend schedule should it be necessary, one-on-one actual driving class with instructors who can pick me up and drop me off at my house. To my surprise, the "Prius" was a "bonus" as it was perfectly the car I was eyeing for when I get my driver's license. The next day, I received an email from Drivers Ed Direct with an on-line simulation of parallel parking, which incidentally, I took for almost an hour. It was not only distinctively interesting but also a challenging on-line experience.

My belief is there is no price for safety. If you want the best, you don't compromise. You only go to Drivers Ed Direct!

By the way, I passed my actual driving test today on the FIRST take.

Thanks again."

Maria D., North Hollywood, CA