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"Out of all of the other companies, Drivers Ed Direct was the friendliest and most up to date. The website was very easy, instructions were easy to understand, and the staff was great. Because of my situation, I had to call the office a number of times, and everyone I talked to was very helpful. On my lessons, each instructor knew what they were talking about and had their own different tricks and pointers to share about being a better driver. All three of them arrived on time, with smiles, and made me feel comfortable. Holland stood out the most. She just had an upbeat personality. We got along really well; I was actually smiling and laughing the entire lesson. They went above and beyond what I would expect from a Drivers Ed instructor. Before my lessons I had never been taught all of the technical aspects of driving, the traffic checks, etc. Now when I'm driving I feel safer knowing that I'm doing everything I can to avoid an accident. I would say I definitely improved after my lessons." – Chelsea S., Thousand Oaks, CA, Thousand Oaks High School

Drivers Ed Direct's Driving Instruction is Second to None!

"All of my friends used your company and recommended you. Your website was pretty simple to navigate. My instructors were laid back, calm, and gave a lot of commentary that really helped me. They made me feel really comfortable about driving. I learned so many things like safety checks and when to use them, my turns are smoother, and my speed is great. Although all of my instructors were great and amazing, Tina stood out the most because she encouraged me to do different maneuvers and drive on the freeway. I was nervous before my lesson, but she knew I could do it. I'm happy that she did because I would've never gone on the freeway and done so well!" - Lauren H., Chatsworth, CA, Granada Hills High School

"I chose Drivers Ed Direct for my training after a friend of mine spoke highly of his experience with your company and recommended it to me. Your website was excellent and very easy to use. The customer service staff was also excellent! They were very helpful, and accommodating. My instructors were always on time and in uniform, leaving a positive impression every time. They were helpful, and gave good explanations to any questions that I had. They truly were very good and kind. One instructor that stood out especially was Scott. He instructed my first driving lesson, and he was very patient and nice. He was an overall great guy! After my lessons I noticed great improvements in my driving. I will definitely recommend Drivers Ed Direct to my friends and family!" - Zachary R., Agoura Hills, CA, Agoura Hills High School

"I used your company because my parents heard positive things about Drivers Ed Direct and liked the idea of me taking Drivers Education online. My experience with the website was good. I found it easy to handle and read. Your customer service was also good, and I noticed improvements with my driving after each of my lessons. My instructors were always on time and in uniform. They were all friendly and helpful. Tina especially stood out. She was amazing! She was particularly helpful, and made me feel more confident about my driving." - Rachel H., Chatsworth, CA, Canoga Park High School

Teenager Approved Drivers Ed!

"Russ was a "bad ass" instructor. He was smart, very calm and funny. He definitely knew what he was doing. He left a positive impression on me." - Michael S., Toluca Lake, CA, Laurel Springs High School

"I saw multiple ads in my school newspaper from Drivers Ed Direct and became interested in your company because of the hybrid cars and young looking trainers. The phone calls with your staff when scheduling my appointments were nice. I loved being in the car with every one of my instructors. Every instructor I had was professional, but friendly. Each one taught me the basics, went above and beyond and really helped me improve. Colleen was extremely helpful with tips and kept me focused. Simon was my favorite because he was stern, but fun to drive with. He also made me feel very comfortable and he continued to keep me relaxed by talking about my interests; however he was able to keep me focused so that talking was beneficial, not dangerous. He also made me comfortable driving the speed limit on the street, and parallel parking. His lesson was easy, and very beneficial. I absolutely noticed improvements with my driving. I even noticed my improvements during the lessons. I really enjoyed working with Drivers Ed Direct and I can't wait until November so I can take my license test with you guys." - Eliza S., Winnetka, CA, Cleveland High School

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