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Providing drivers education courses directly in schools has not been an option for many schools for quite some time. Forming a partnership with a private driving school has become a viable option for many high schools. At Drivers Ed Direct, we do not want to simply be a provider of drivers ed to your students. We believe our innovative curriculum and unique approach to drivers ed and drivers training provides for a better, more effective learning environment for your students than other private driving schools.

Drivers Ed Direct will...

  • Directly get your students involved in helping to save the environment by training in gas-electric hybrid vehicles. In addition, our lesson plan includes other topics covering environmental responsibility.
  • Utilize a mentor style approach to drivers training
  • Train students in both online and classroom settings
  • Train all student drivers in hybrid vehicles such as the Toyota Prius & hybrid SUVs. All our vehicles have additional safety features included such as extra airbags and vehicle stability control systems.

Fundraising opportunities.

Drivers Ed Direct has fundraising programs available for schools of all sizes. We can help your school raise money in many creative ways. Drivers Ed Direct sponsors athletic teams & sporting events, drama programs, and participates in school clubs. In addition, our organization has fundraising programs where we give back a portion of our student's drivers education fees to your high school. We welcome the challenge of working together to provide a safe, quality and educational experience for your students. Drivers Ed Direct is proud to be a part of your school community.

For more information or to discuss these fundraising opportunities, please contact Eric Creditor at or calling toll-free 1-800-728-1048.

Assembly opportunities and other speaking engagements.

Our qualified staff of driving instructors and trainers has years of experience teaching teens and adults the skills necessary to become safe drivers. Since it's never too early to begin discussing the importance of safe driving practices and helping the environment, Drivers Ed Direct can customize a speaking engagement at your school in an auditorium setting or a smaller demonstration in a classroom setting.

A Drivers Ed Direct assembly could include...

  • Our hybrid cars & SUV's for demonstrations
  • Handouts and giveaways to promote safe driving and environmental responsibility
  • Celebrities and other guest speakers