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Speed Limits & Safe Speeds DMV Practice Test

Permit Test Prep Video - Speed: Limits, Laws, and Safety Questions

In this video, Instructor Liz takes an in-depth look at 20-questions focusing on all things speed related. You'll see questions about the safe and legal speed limits to be obeyed, in addition to the DMV handbook's recommendations for speed control in different driving scenarios. So join in to prepare for your DMV permit test and gain some valuable safe and legal driving speed knowledge!

A Quick Note from Instructor Liz

Good morning, good afternoon, and good evening to all of you wonderful future drivers out there! It's your girl, Permit Quiz Liz, here to help you pass your DMV Knowledge test. Today's topic? Everything speed-related! We've got you covered, from basic speed laws to basic speed etiquette, and everything in-between! There's a lot to cover in 15 minutes, but don't worry, we'll take our time and be sure to mind the speed limit along the way!

In this video we will go over 20 real questions that very well might show up on your actual DMV test! The thing I love about this video is that there's a lot of good common-sense information that will help you as you start your driving journey. Knowing the safe and appropriate speeds for different traffic situations is crucial for staying out of trouble and helping everyone coexist out on the road.

Until we meet again, this is Permit Quiz Liz asking you to please mind those speed limits and stay safe out there. See you soon!