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Safe Driving Practices 20 Hardest Questions

Top 20 Safe Driving Practice Questions Countdown Video

In this video countdown, our very own "Permit Quiz Liz" focuses on "Safe Driving Practices" questions that have tripped up permit test takers. Learn all about good driving habits everyone should practice to help make our roads safer. Questions include everything from sharing the road to dealing with poor driving conditions and so much more!

A Quick Note from Instructor Liz

One of the main topics covered on the DMV's knowledge test is Safe Driving Practices. Please join me, "Permit Quiz Liz", as I go over the top 20 Hardest "Safe Driving Practices" questions that may show up on your permit test.

Not only are we going to cover some really hard questions today, but we'll also provide the correct answers AND give you clear explanations that'll help you really understand what the DMV is testing you on. While this video is great and will definitely increase your chances of passing the test, I strongly (like super-duper strongly) recommend that you read the DMV Driver Handbook as well! Afterall, the DMV Handbook contains all possible subject matter that might show up on your actual test - so study it!!

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