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DMV Practice Tests - 20 Hardest Questions

Permit Test Prep Video - Top 20 Hardest Questions Countdown

Stressing about your permit test? Well then, take some time with Instructor Liz as she counts down the top 20 most commonly missed DMV test questions. According to our internal stats, students answered these questions wrong most often, so you'll definitely want to pay extra close attention. Fortunately, we've got the correct answers and explanations so you won't have to make the same mistakes!

A Quick Note from Instructor Liz

So you're gonna go take your permit test. Well you already know that here at Driver's Ed Direct we have everything you need to help you pass your California driving permit test. In today's video, we're going to cover the Top 20 Hardest questions that may appear on your exam. Before we get started, I'm going to recommend you take your time with this video. Write down what you need to, replay the video or a certain section if you need to, and don't forget that its okay to pause the video and take a little break. I know that preparing for a test can be a stressful moment for some people. If you're one of those people, don't worry: you're going to be okay. We're here to help you.

You know, I remember coming across a few of these questions when I took my test years ago. And back then, I didn't have videos like this one to help me when I was studying. So when I took my test and I came across questions I didn't understand, I'd just pick a random answer and hope I picked the right one.

Moral of the story: take advantage of the tools you have now. Plus, you can check out our other permit test videos and subscribe to our YouTube channel because we have more videos just like this one coming your way.

In addition to utilizing our DMV permit test videos, make sure you have read through the entire California Driver Handbook before you take the written knowledge exam at the DMV. It contains a lot of good information and also covers all the material that will be on your DMV permit test.

On your test day, read the test questions carefully to avoid answering incorrectly. Stay relaxed and try not to overthink things too much. Just remember, the DMV test doesn't have trick questions, and the DMV wants you to pass!

Thanks so much for watching and I'll see you next time!