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DMV Practice Tests - Special Driving Situations

2 Versions of Our Special Driving Situations Video to Prep for Your Permit Test

Benefit from 2 ways of reviewing 25 "Special Driving Situations" DMV practice test questions. And it's free! Watch the videos again and again until you are confident you know how to handle these special driving situations.

Special Driving Situations with Instructor Liz
17-Minute Version
Self-Study with Answers & Full Explanations
9-Minute Version
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A Quick Note from Instructor Liz

Hello! It's me again, driving instructor Liz! If you're here today you must be preparing to pass your permit test at the DMV. Well, you came to the right place because today's video is covering all of the "Special Driving Situations" questions that may appear on your written test. That's right, every question we cover today was taken from a real-life actual DMV test!

With 25 questions for today's topic, we'll go over situations like slippery roads, using your headlights, emergency vehicles, and much more.

I think you'll find that lots of these questions are common sense and the rest aren't so bad after we explain them. Just keep re-watching the video until you can answer all of the questions correctly.

As they say, "practice makes permit" or something like that...

Until next time, thanks for watching and drive safe out there... once you earn your permit of course!