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Free DMV Practice Tests - Road Sign Questions

3 Ways to Learn the Road Signs Most Likely to Appear on Your Permit Test

Enjoy free access to all 3 versions of our "Road Sign Special" DMV practice test videos. Study these questions diligently and you'll have no trouble answering all DMV questions on your permit test that involve road signs!

Full Tutorial: Study Road Signs with Instructor Liz
14-Minute Version
Self-Study with Answers & Full Explanations
7-Minute Version
Test Yourself with DMV Practice Test Flashcards
3-Minute Version
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A Quick Note from Instructor Liz

Hello, it’s driving instructor Liz here to help prepare you for your DMV learners permit test!

In today’s videos, we are going to focus on 23 different road sign questions that could show up on your permit test. All of these questions were taken from actual DMV tests, so make sure you know what all of these signs mean!

We'll be going over what a three-sided red YIELD sign means, merging traffic signs, "DO NOT ENTER" signs, pedestrian crosswalk signs, and more.

For example, most people know that yellow diamond-shaped signs warn you of specific road conditions and dangers ahead. But do you know specifically what a "DIVIDED HIGHWAY" sign lets you know?

What does the "LANE ENDS" sign look like, the one that warns you that you need to safely make a lane change into an open lane?

How do you interpret multiple turn lane signs? What are HOV lanes?

Learn the answers to all of these questions and more in our "Road Sign Special" test prep video, thanks for watching!