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Mastering Left Lane Changes

Boosting Confidence, One Lane Change at a Time!

Do you experience driving anxiety, especially when it comes to making lane changes on busy city streets? Don't stress; we have solutions for your driving fears! In this video, we'll begin by demonstrating OVER THIRTY-FIVE left lane changes on busy city streets, offering you real-life examples and tips to help boost your confidence. So, get ready to conquer those lane change jitters and take control of your nerves behind the wheel!

A Quick Note from Ben

Alright, everybody, welcome to the Left Lane Change Anxiety Buster video, where we are going to do a whole lot of left lane changes. Don't worry, we're gonna have another full-length video with left lane changes, right lane changes, freeway lane changes, but today is gonna be everything left lane changes.

So why do we make lane changes? Well, we make lane changes to get to where we need to be. For example, let's say I need to make a left turn up here. I can't make a left from the right lane, so if I want to make a left, at some point I need to get into the left lane.

Another reason we make lane changes, sometimes your lane ends and you have no choice but to make a lane change. Sometimes it'll be because you want to pass a slow-moving vehicle. Sometimes in the right lane there's slower moving vehicles, so you can make a change to the left to get around them.

Now with that said, you don't want to be weaving in and out of traffic, right? We make lane changes with a purpose. We don't want to be doing left and right and left and right lane weaving business. That is dangerous because any time you're making a lane change, that means that you're potentially dealing with blind spots and going into other lanes of traffic with different speeds and scenarios, so every lane change comes with a little bit of risk. So, no weaving, unless you're dealing with baskets or something.

Thanks for tuning in today! Don't forget we've got some more lane change videos coming your way, but start with this left lane change video and see if you can improve your skill and boost your confidence! From Ben and everyone at Drivers Ed Direct thank you so much for watching!! We really do appreciate you all and we'll see you soon in the next video!