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Top 20 New Brain Busters - Part 1

Discover Fresh DMV Test Questions

Presenting today's offerings on the DMV Permit Test Prep lineup: A selection of 20 FRESH test questions sourced from this year's DMV pool, accompanied by generous helpings of explanations and additional servings of appealing graphics to enhance the digestibility of the content. In today's video, Permit Quiz Liz tackles the first 10 questions, so join in and get ready to learn!

A Quick Note from Instructor Liz

Hello again my loving-to-learn friends, it's been too long! I hope you all have missed me as much as I've missed you, and doubly as much as I've missed talking about the DMV test. And while we may be missing each other and all the test-talk, one thing we don't want to be missing is any more questions on our DMV test!

Here's what's on today's DMV Test Prep menu: We've got 20 NEW test questions that we were able to harvest from the DMV this year, all served with a healthy side of explanation and a few extra servings of delectable graphics to make everything just a little easier to swallow. So put on that drivers ed bib on, because it's time to dig in and get a little bit messy!

While there were some toughies in the first 10, the truth is only about 15% of test takers were making mistakes on those questions. The next 10 however are getting progressively harder and we've got some real humdingers that stump over 50% of test takers. Well then, just stay tuned for part 2 of this video series! Thanks for watching and we'll see you very momentarily. In the meantime, explore our other permit test videos, and don't forget to review the California Driver Handbook. From Permit Quiz Liz and Drivers Ed Direct, please stay safe out there!