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Freeway Lane Changes

Conquering Freeway Lane Change Anxiety

Do you feel anxious driving on the freeway? Do high-speed lane changes make you nervous? Join Drivers Ed Direct and Ben as they navigate one of the busiest freeway systems in the country, working on lane changes and defensive driving techniques. This video is perfect for beginners just starting out, as well as seasoned drivers who struggle with freeway nerves. Ben will guide you through each maneuver in real time, offering practical examples you might encounter daily on the freeway.

A Quick Note from Ben

Hello, all you 65 mph drivers! Today, we're taking a quick trip down the 405 freeway to the 101, practicing lane changes and defensive driving. During this drive, we aim to build your driving and lane-changing confidence and bust some of that anxiety you might have on the freeway.

In today's video, we will focus on key skills for confident freeway driving, aiming to help overcome driving phobias. We'll cover techniques such as merging onto the freeway smoothly, using the S.M.O.G. technique for safe lane changes, mastering multiple fast-paced lane changes in succession and more!

Hopefully, we can help ease some of your freeway driving anxiety. From Ben and everyone at Drivers Ed Direct, we really appreciate you. Thank you so much for watching, and please, please, please, please, please stay safe out there!