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Free Self-Study DMV Practice Tests Videos

Self-Study Videos with Answers & Full Explanations

Free videos designed for you to quiz yourself on actual DMV test questions. Not only will we provide the correct answers, we also give you a full explanation for each question to help you better understand the rules of the road!

Yellow Series: 5 Full Length DMV Written Tests
Each practice test has 46 questions, just like the real written test you'll take at the DMV!
Red Series: 5 Sample DMV Written Tests
Each practice test has 10 questions straight from the 5 sample tests on the California DMV website!
Green Series: Easy DMV Written Test Questions
Each practice test has 20 questions counting down the 100 easiest questions you'll find on the CA DMV Knowledge Test!

Tips for Preparing for Your DMV Written Test

  1. Watch and review all of the permit practice test videos from Drivers Ed Direct here.
  2. Get access to unlimited, randomized practice tests when you sign up for our DMV approved Drivers Ed Direct online course. Get started here.
  3. Read the California Driver Handbook from cover to cover. It has a bunch of good information and it contains EVERY possible topic that will show up for questions on your DMV permit test.
  4. On the day of your test, be sure to read each question carefully. Try not to overthink it. There are no "trick questions" on the written knowledge test.
  5. The DMV wants you to pass your test, so try to stay calm and relaxed.