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DMV Practice Tests - 20 Trending Harder Questions - Part 1

DMV Permit Test Prep Video - Questions #20 to #11 That Are Trending Harder

In Part 1, we will cover the first half of our Top 20 Trending Harder DMV Questions countdown. Tune in with instructor Liz as she thoroughly explains permit test questions students have struggled with more this past year.

A Quick Note from Instructor Liz

Hello hopeful drivers of tomorrow! How's everybody doing? Good? Great?? Or maybe not-so-good if you're stressing about your DMV test?! Well, never fear, "Permit Quiz Liz" (that's me) is here! We've got a good one for you today! These are the top 20 DMV questions that are trending harder this year. What does that even mean? Think of it this way: these are the DMV questions that students are getting wrong more this past 12 months than ever before. Make sense?! Good! Let's get started with the first half of our 20 question countdown!!

These questions haven't been tooooo crazy, but maybe there've been a couple that caught you off guard. If not, then props to you -- you're well on your way to DMV test domination... but don't get too overconfident -- we still have the top-10 ahead of us where you'll undoubtedly find a few humdingers that'll be sure to flabbergast you... or at least leave you mildly well-informed! So, please, please, please take a second to like and subscribe to our YouTube channel if you haven't already because we've got more great videos coming your way! Until then my scholarly, wisdom-seeking friends.... please take great care of yourselves and we'll see you oh-so-soon!

In the meantime, be sure to take advantage of our other permit test videos. And don't forget the importance of reading through the entire California Driver Handbook before you take the written knowledge exam at the DMV!