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Top 5 Questions and Other General Questions

At Drivers Ed Direct we are committed to making your driving school experience an outstanding one. We are here and happy to help you answer any questions you may have. Here are the Top 5 questions we get asked, along with links to our other help topics about our behind the wheel lessons.

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- Top Most Asked Behind the Wheel Driving Lesson Questions

The Top 5 Most Common Questions

    Every new driver learns at a different pace, so there is no all-encompassing answer to this frequent question. For many students, we recommend that they take at least 2-3 weeks between lessons so they have time to practice and reinforce concepts learned in the previous lesson.

    However, we realize that many students and their parents have a busy schedule and can't always find meaningful time to practice driving each week. In this case, we recommend adding additional drivers training lessons so we can see to it that your son or daughter is getting adequate practice time behind the wheel.

    When possible, we will do our best to accommodate this request. Sometimes this is not possible because all of our instructors are excellent and have several requests and varying schedules/shifts that they can work. However, Drivers Ed Direct is proud to have an entire team of well-liked and qualified instructors to help accommodate you in a timely manner and ensure that you get the highest quality education possible. Meet our current instructors here.

    No, you no longer need proof of drivers training enrollment when you go to get your permit at the CADMV. For a complete list of everything you need before applying for a permit, visit our State Requirements Checklist for Minors.

    The pricing of our drivers training services depends on the services you need. We have several options to choose from that help you save money, including 6-hour, 10-hour, and 20-hour packages. We also offer individual 2-hour lessons, DMV test preparation lessons, and defensive driving lessons. In addition, you can save even more money when you purchase a 'combo package': our in-car drivers training lessons along with our online drivers education course.

    For more information on the lessons and pricing in your area, select the state and zip you live in from our Get Started page and then click the Pricing & Product Info button.

    Scheduling a driving lesson is easy! You can use our online calendar to browse available lessons, or call/email us to speak to our friendly and helpful scheduling team.
    High Volume Notice

    Please note, we are busier than ever now that COVID restrictions are being lifted. With the increased number of students requesting driving lessons, we are experiencing longer than usual wait times for scheduling all lessons.

    When scheduling your lessons, please keep in mind these helpful tips:

    • You must hold your permit for a minimum of 6 months to be eligible to take your driving test, so there is no rush to schedule all of your lessons immediately.
    • We have always recommended spacing out your lessons every 2-3 weeks. This gives students ample time to practice skills learned so that each new driving lesson can be more productive.
    • Planning and booking all of your lessons far in advance is the best way to guarantee that you can reserve the dates and times you prefer.
    • We get cancellations on a daily basis and there are new lessons becoming available regularly. Cancellations do not show up on our online calendar, so there is a good chance we can find you sooner lessons.
    • If you have any issues or concerns, or would like to find out current availability, please feel free to reach out to us directly at 1-800-728-1048 or via email info@driverseddirect.com. We will respond within 1-2 business days.

    We truly appreciate your patience and understanding during these unprecedented times for the driving school industry. Please read our full High Volume Notice and New COVID-19 Guidelines here.

Other General Behind the Wheel Training Questions

    Drivers Ed Direct guarantees your son or daughter will get the best behind-the-wheel training available. In addition, we will have practice tests and discuss the DMV driving exam in our lessons. However, remember that you, the parent, play a crucial part in your child's driving career. After your teen completes their behind-the-wheel training with Drivers Ed Direct, you will need to drive with them as well to continue to reinforce the principles of safe driving and practice the skills learned during the drivers training sessions.

    All DMV licensed driving schools must have adequate insurance that is verified by the DMV. Drivers Ed Direct is California DMV licensed driving school DS#E4141 and has complete insurance coverage for all our vehicles. Our students and their parents do not have to pay anything extra for insurance.

    The principal aspects of this program will not only teach our students the basics of learning how to drive, but will also emphasize the importance of defensive driving and collision avoidance, which is sometimes overlooked by other driving schools. Our instructors will teach our students how to drive defensively so they can watch their own actions and the actions of other drivers as well and modify their driving habits according to their surroundings.

    Since 1994, our partner company TrafficSchool.com has been instructing drivers throughout CA including teenage drivers with an online driver's education course. In 2005, TrafficSchool.com branched off its teen driver ed class and adding a groundbreaking in-car training curriculum formed Drivers Ed Direct. As a separate organization, Drivers Ed Direct has been able to concentrate on creating drivers education courses and driver training services more focused on the needs of teenagers and new drivers. Since forming Drivers Ed Direct, we have provided over 60,000 hours of training to students driving over 2 million miles!

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