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DMV, DMV Paperwork, and DMV Driving Requirement Questions

We are committed to making your experience with Drivers Ed Direct exceptional. If you've got a question, we will help you answer it. Here are some of the most frequent DMV-related questions asked about taking driving lessons in California.

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- DMV, DMV Paperwork, and DMV Driving Requirement Questions

DMV Paperwork and DMV Forms

    We send your certificate of completion via USPS first class mail the next business day after you have finished all of your behind-the-wheel training (a minimum of 6 hours) for students who are under 18 years of age. Minors MUST bring in an original Gold Certificate to the DMV for the drive test. Copies will not be accepted. Please allow 5-7 business days to receive certificate in the mail.

    Yes, 1-year from the day that you apply for a provisional learners' permit. Don't confuse the application date with the permit issuance date. For instance, if you apply for a permit today but don't pass the DMV written test for 1-week, then your permit expires 1-year from the date you applied for a permit, not from the date you obtained it.

    No, drivers education pink certificates and drivers training gold certificates do not expire. However, some DMV representatives will not accept them if dated over 1 year. You may request a duplicate certificate from our office if you are providing the DMV with a certificate beyond the 1 year date.

    Some states will accept and allow you to drive in that state with a California Learner's Permit. Other states may not. You must check with the driver licensing office for that particular state before attempting to drive in that state with a California Learner's Permit. Additionally, if a state allows you to drive using your CA Learner's Permit, you'll have to familiarize yourself with and obey that particular state's laws and rules of the road, so it's important to research this information on the state's DMV or driver licensing agency's website before traveling to that state.

DMV Requirements


    Though you would typically get your permit before going on your first driving lesson, Drivers Ed Direct can issue a student license that allows you to legally take a driving lesson without holding your permit. There is a $10.00 fee for the issuance of any student license.

    Once you receive your learner's permit from the DMV, you must start your first behind-the-wheel training lesson with a licensed driving instructor before your learner's permit is valid. Your learner's permit is not valid until you begin the behind-the-wheel training.

    Yes, your learner's permit must be signed by a licensed driving instructor in order for you to legally practice with your parents. It is illegal to practice driving with an unsigned permit.

    • Drivers Training Completion Certificate (DMV Form DL-400D)
    • Permit signed by parent and driving instructor
    • Insurance certificate for vehicle being driven for drive test
    • Vehicle registration of vehicle being driven for drive test
    Sometimes, there will be additional information required if all of the required documents were not brought to the DMV when applying for your learner's permit. Drivers Ed Direct will provide all students at the end of their drivers training with a required list of items necessary to bring to the DMV for the drive test.

    If you are not a minor, though not required, it is still recommended that you receive formal drivers training before attempting to earn you license. New drivers over the age of 18 must still pass a written permit test and a behind the wheel road test before being granted a drivers license. In addition, a vision test will have to be passed, proper ID furnished, and other application requirements fulfilled.

    For a complete checklist of requirements for adults, please visit the official CA DMV Website.

General DMV Questions

    Ultimately, it should not matter which DMV you take your drive test at if you are truly ready to become a licensed driver. With that said, we usually recommend taking the test at a DMV in the neighborhood you are most familiar with, on streets you recognize and have driven on before. Also, take into consideration the busyness of the DMV you are considering. Some DMVs may be so busy that you'll end up waiting hours to even begin your drive test, and no one wants to spend an entire morning or afternoon waiting at the DMV.

    Drive tests may vary slightly from DMV to DMV because each neighborhood has its own unique layout and traffic situations. However, all CA DMVs use the same set of criterion to grade students on their license test.

    We will gladly schedule your appointment at the DMV when you purchase the DMV Test Prep package.

    Yes, Drivers Ed Direct has a DMV Test Prep package available. We will schedule the driving test at a local DMV at a convenient time for your family. We will practice with you before the driving test and then take them to the DMV for the actual driving test.

    In addition, we also have a custom-made DMV Refresher course that is tailored towards helping students get 'refreshed' a week or two before their test day. This 2-hour course will give students a better chance for succeeding on their actual test by drilling test concepts, reviewing pre-dive questions, and conducting simulated drive tests.

    If you don't pass your test the first time, the DMV requires that you wait two weeks before you can retake the test. In the meantime, you should practice with your parents or other licensed drivers 25 years or older. You may also buy more lessons from Drivers Ed Direct where we will focus on your individual needs and areas of the test that you experienced difficulty with.

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