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Having technical issues with our site or just need help getting started? Here are some of the most common computer-related questions people have when visiting our site.

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- Solutions to Technical Problems

Issues Getting Started, Logging In, and Using the Course

    Please make sure that you are entering a valid email address. When entering your email address be sure that you are not entering any spaces between letters. Also, do not put the letters 'www.' before your email address. You must also enter the '@' (at) symbol after your username followed by .com, .net, or .org. Lastly, some email addresses have an '_' (underscore) symbol, this is located on your keyboard to the right of the '0' (zero) key by pressing the shift key and '-' (minus) key at the same time.

    Each time you complete one of the online drivers ed sections, your course status will be saved. When you want to re-enter a course in progress, simply go to the Drivers Ed Direct Homepage to log back in. For access to the course, you will be prompted to enter your username and password entered during registration.

    Make sure that the URL at the top of the screen reads exactly as follows:

    Make sure that you originally registered with Drivers Ed Direct. It is our policy to send confirmation emails to you when you register/enroll for the online course, make a payment, and complete the drivers education program. Check your email box for these confirmation emails to insure that you have contacted the correct company. If you do not have a confirmation email from Drivers Ed Direct, you have registered with another company.

    If you are positive that you have registered with Drivers Ed Direct, but the login procedure is not working, it is because you are entering either your username and/or password differently from what you originally registered with. You will need to re-enter your information exactly as you registered including all letters, numbers, spaces, etc. so long as you entered it during registration.

    A common error when trying to re-enter your course is typing the letter "O or o" instead of the number "0" (zero) or vice-versa for your username or password. When typing in your username or password, this re-entering function is not case sensitive (you may replace a lower case 'o' with a capital 'O'), but it will not let you substitute a letter 'O or o' for the number zero '0'.

    You can also retrieve your lost/forgotten password by clicking here: I forgot my password.

    If the 'Study Hall' page doesn't reflect your progress throughout the course, first try clicking the Refresh or Reload button on your browser. If this doesn't work, please log off and end your connection to the Internet. Connect back on to the Internet and log back into This should refresh your online driver's ed session and reflect your progress.

Payment and Shopping Cart Issues

    If you paid online: If you have paid for the drivers education course online with a credit card and your payment was accepted successfully, you will be sent a payment confirmation by email with an Order ID#. You will also be taken to a screen that will show the Order ID# on screen when payment has been accepted. If the Study Hall page does not reflect your payment, please log off and end your connection to the Internet. Connect back on to the Internet and log back into This should refresh your session and reflect your payment.

    If you paid by phone: If you have paid for your online drivers education course by telephone with a credit card, please note that final exam access is given during normal business hours and may take some time pending credit card authorization. You will receive a payment confirmation email when your credit card has been processed and you have been granted access to the final exam.

    If you paid by mail: If you paid by check or money order through the mail, we have not received your payment yet. All mailed payments are processed on the same day received. We do not wait for checks to clear before granting access to the final exam.

    Please be Patient! Due to Internet traffic, it sometimes may take 1-2 minutes for credit card authorizations to be completed and processed. This is not unusual. Please wait until your browser screen prompts you to continue. Do not click on the payment button more than one time because your credit card may be charged for each click. Drivers Ed Direct has taken the necessary steps to curb this problem from occurring, but clicking the payment button multiple times can trigger this.

    If the page seems to be stuck and not responding, please log off and end your connection to the Internet. Connect back on to the Internet and log back into This should refresh your session and reflect your payment. If you have paid, but not received the payment confirmation email nor your Order ID# then the payment was not accepted and you must try again.

Computer and Internet Browser Issues

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