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Meet your California DMV Teen Training Requirement and get specialized Freeway and Canyon training with five private 2-hour driving sessions. Each lesson is taught by a friendly and patient instructor who will teaches basic driving skills in different environments. It’s everything you need for your PROVISIONAL LICENSE.

Features of our 10-Hours In-Car Drivers Training Include:

Hybrid Vehicles
Friendly Instructors
Freeway Lessons

10-Hour Lesson Breakdown:

First 2-hour lesson (Level 1): Level-1 primarily consists of residential driving. If the student is advanced, then we can conduct the last half hour out in traffic. The main focus of the lesson is to teach the student how to safely and correctly perform the following maneuvers:
Level 1 - Residential Driving
  • Pre-Drive Inspection
  • Accelerate and Brake
  • Left and Right Hand Turns
  • Proper Lane Positioning
  • Traffic Checks
  • Curbside Parking, Reversing and Turnabouts
Second 2-hour lesson (Level 2): After briefly reviewing the Level 1 residential maneuvers, we will teach the student how to safely and correctly perform the following maneuvers out in traffic:
Level 2 - Public Streets & Business Districts
  • Left and Right Hand Turns in Major Intersections
  • Lane Changes
  • Parallel Parking and all other Parking Maneuvers
  • Traffic Checks and Proper Space Cushions
  • Legal and Safe U-turns
Third 2-hour lesson (Level 3): After reviewing the fundamentals of Level 1 and Level 2, we will introduce safe driving strategies for the following advanced driving environments:
Level 3 - Review and Intro to Freeway
  • Identify and Correct areas of Weakness on Residential Streets
  • Identify and Correct areas of Weakness on Public Surface Streets
  • Intro to Freeway Driving
  • Finally, we will perform a practice DMV Drive Test.
Fourth 2-hour lesson (Level 4): Level 4 goes above and beyond the Basic California DMV Training Requirements. On this lesson, we will focus primarily on developing freeway driving and emphasize the following:
Level 4 - Freeway Intensive
  • Advanced Freeway Driving
  • Teach IPDE Defensive Driving Method
  • Commentary Driving
  • Emphasize Traffic Checks and Space Cushions
Fifth 2-hour lesson (Level 5): Level 5 largely focuses on canyon and evasive driving. The following is a brief outline of what we teach on the last lesson:
Level 5 - Canyon Intensive
  • IPDE Defensive Driving Method
  • Commentary Driving
  • Emphasize Traffic Checks and Space Cushions
  • Canyon Driving
  • Evasive Maneuvers

10-Hour Behind-the-Wheel Program Recap

  • Meets 6-hour CA DMV Teen Training Requirement + 4 additional hrs (5 Private 2-hour driving sessions)
  • Teaches Basic Driving Skills in Different Driving Environments
  • Includes an Introduction to Freeway
  • DMV Practice Test
  • Freeway Driving Intensive and Advanced Defensive Driving Skills (2 hours)
  • Canyon Driving Intensive and Tire Blowout Safety Drill (2 hours)

* Our patient and experienced instructors are committed to developing your driving skills at a pace that is both comfortable and challenging. Instructors will use their discretion and assess your driving skills before training in advanced environments such as city streets, freeways, or canyons. We will not teach you in any setting thought to be unsafe given your current driving ability.

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