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Top 5 Questions About Our Online Course

At Drivers Ed Direct we are committed to delivering our customers with an educational, trouble-free, and first-rate drivers education experience. Here are the Top 5 most asked questions about our DMV approved online drivers ed course, as well as links to all other course help topics.

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- Top 5 Most Asked Online Drivers Education Questions

    Technically, there is no age limit specified as to when a teen can begin their drivers education in California. However, the legal earliest age you can earn a DMV learner's permit in CA is 15 ½ years old, so we feel it makes sense to start your drivers ed sometime between the ages of 15 and 15 ½. That way you will have ample time to truly learn the drivers education material packed in our online course and fully understand the CA DMV drivers handbook.

    Yes! Not only does our Online Drivers Ed course fulfill CA Department of Motor Vehicles requirements for the issuance of DMV Form DL-400C for Completion of Drivers Education, our online drivers ed course is APPROVED by the California DMV. That means you are not merely getting a state 'accepted' course, but rather a drivers ed course that meets all rigorous California DMV drivers ed criteria. After completing our internet course, you will be issued the DMV completion certificate DL-400C, which the DMV will ask for when you apply for your CA learner's permit (for minors).

    We do not put time restraints on our drivers ed programs. A time restraint would make you spend a specified amount of time on a section before allowing you to move on. Our program is completely self-paced. This means that if it takes you a little longer to read the material and answer questions, then you can take your time. If you are a very fast reader, then your skills will not be restricted. We do recommend taking your time and absorbing all the driving instruction material. This will make the testing process much easier and smoother for you.

    Currently, our CA drivers ed course only costs $39.00. That includes all taxes, free 1-business day certificate processing, DMV Form DL-400C (for minors) and all shipping & handling costs. It's the best online course at a very affordable price!

    If you are younger than 17 ½, we will mail you a drivers education completion certificate. You will take this completion certificate with you to your local DMV so you can take the written test needed to earn a learner's permit.

    For a complete list of what you need to do, visit our CA State Licensing Requirements for Minors page.

    Important Note Regarding Your DMV Completion Certificate

    Upon completion of this online drivers ed course, you will earn your official DMV Drivers Ed Completion Certificate (DMV Form DL-400C). When you are ready to take your written permit test at the DMV, you'll need to bring this official form to the DMV to show proof that you have successfully completed your driver education requirement. Please read the following important notice regarding your DMV Completion Certificate:

    • DMV Only Accepts Original Certificates: The DMV will only accept the original, hard copy DMV Completion Certificate (DMV Form DL-400C) issued by Drivers Ed Direct. The DMV will NOT accept a photocopy, fax copy, emailed copy, or downloaded copy of a certificate. Copies of any DMV certificate will NOT be accepted by the DMV.
    • Certificate Processing: Drivers Ed Direct will process and issue your official DMV Drivers Ed Completion Certificate (DMV Form DL-400C) within 1 business day after you complete our program.
    • Certificate Delivery: By default, Drivers Ed Direct sends all official DMV Completion Certificates via USPS First-Class Mail. While USPS First Class Mail is supposed to deliver within 3 business days, please understand that USPS First-Class Mail can sometimes take up to 7-10 days to deliver and that Drivers Ed Direct has no control over how quickly the USPS delivers your certificate once it has been mailed. For students who need their official DMV certificates promptly, Drivers Ed Direct does offer:
      • Guaranteed expedited certificate shipping options with delivery tracking, such as FedEx Next Day and FedEx 2nd Day. Additional charges apply, call 800-728-1048 for more information.
      • In-office certificate pick-up for students who call 1 business day in advance and arrange to pick up their official completion certificate from our headquarters in Chatsworth, CA. There is no charge for in-office certificate pick-up. Please note: Once your certificate has already been mailed, you cannot arrange to pick up your certificate without incurring a duplicate certificate issuance fee. If you choose in-office certificate pick-up, please arrange this well in advance of completing your course.

    TAKING YOUR PERMIT TEST: Plan ahead for your permit test with the DMV so that you can earn your permit without any difficulties or delays. Read here for our latest recommendations and guidelines for obtaining your learner's permit.

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