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- Taking the Florida Course Questions

    The course is 7 chapters and will take 4 hours to complete. All first time driver courses regardless of being online or in-person are required to take 4 hours to complete. The Department of Highway Safety Motor Vehicles (DHSMV) regulates this requirement.

    The course final exam is 30 questions and you need to score 80% to pass. There is a 1-hour time limit for the final exam.

    Not unless you want to. Our courses are completely self-paced, which means that you can finish them during one sitting or you can stop and start back up when you please. It's entirely up to you. If you need to get it done in one day, you can. If you have several months left before you need to finish, then you can complete a section a week. Our program will always keep track of the time spent on each section when you save & log off. When re-entering your course, you will always start where you left off (rounded to the nearest minute) where you last logged off the course. We have built this flexibility into our course so that you can choose exactly how you want to complete the course.

    Whichever course you choose, you must always take and pass a test. Although highly unlikely, there is the possibility of failing. In our course, you have the benefit of reviewing all material before answering any questions. In addition, the answers to all questions are within the course material. We also allow you multiple chances to re-take the test questions if you don't pass on your initial attempts. If you are having problems understanding the material, you may e-mail us at

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