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Top 20 Must Memorize DMV Tests Questions

Permit Test Prep Video - Countdown Top 20 Must Memorize Questions

Permit Quiz Liz takes on permit test questions that aren't so straight-forward. For instance, do you know how soon you must tell the DMV when you sell your car? Or when you need to dim your high-beam headlights? And, do you know what a slow-moving vehicle sign looks like? So jump right in and let the studying begin! And as an added bonus, Liz will even provide you with some most helpful tips and tricks to master these must memorize questions!

A Quick Note from Instructor Liz

Welcome fellow wanting-to-drive people! It's me once again, "Permit Quiz Liz", here to expand your mind with more essential driving knowledge to help you pass the written test at the DMV. We're calling today's video the "20 Hardest Questions You Must Memorize". While many of the questions on your permit test are just plain common sense or can be figured out by using good old logic, the ones covered here have answers that aren't so obvious and need to be committed to memory. But don't worry, I'll give you some tips and tricks to help you master these crafty questions.

The fact that you're watching these videos shows me that you are serious about passing your test! And if you're truly serious about passing, then I also urge you to read the DMV handbook -- I'm even giving you a link to it here: California Driver Handbook. Reading the handbook is truly the best way to guarantee that you see all possible topics that may be covered on your upcoming permit test. So please, please, please read that darn thing, it's important!

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