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Shasta County Drivers Education

Why You Should Skip the Drivers Ed Classroom in Redding

Taking drivers education on the Internet has become the gold standard for teens in Shasta County wanting to earn a permit and learn the rules of the road as laid out by the California Department of Motor Vehicles. In fact, a CADMV study showed that teens receiving Internet computer based instruction actually retained information better and scored higher on their exit exams than students learning the same material in a classroom setting. Other of advantages of online instruction are also apparent, such as the huge low-cost benefit of taking drivers ed from home in Redding. Whey spend the time and money on gas driving half way across Northern California when you can have a better education right from your own computer?

Shasta County Drivers Education

How To Fulfill the Drivers Ed Requisite in Redding

Taking drivers ed online with Drivers Ed Direct is the easy, fun, and educational way to fulfill your drivers education requirement in Redding. Here's what you need to do:

  1. Go online and sign up in minutes for our Affordable drivers ed course.
  2. Read educational online lessons filled with interactive tutorials
  3. Pass our online final exam from the comfort of your Redding home - you have many attempts to pass!
  4. When you pass, your completion certificate ships to your home in Redding.
  5. Take your drivers ed certificate, along with other DMV paperwork (we'll list them out for you) to the closest Shasta County DMV.
  6. Pass your written permit test at the DMV and you go home with your permit that day (p.s. - this is when they take your picture for the license, so look sharp!)

Learn how to for less!

Here's our promise to Redding parents: we will provide your son or daughter with the highest quality drivers education at a price that you can feel great about. In fact, our prices are so low that we are willing to price match with any of our competitors offering a California DMV Approved Drivers Ed Course. But before you give us or any other driving school in Northern California your money, do some research. Whether you read independent reviews on Yelp, customer feedback on Facebook, or simply visit our industry best website, you'll see why we are considered both the most affordable and the best quality driving school in Shasta County.

Affordable Drivers Ed

Teens who live in Northern California or attend Shasta High School, Enterpise High School, Foothill High School, Shasta Secondary, Shasta Trades Academy, Stellar Charter, Stellar Secondary Charter High School, University Preparatory, Grace Baptist School, North Valley Christian School, Redding Adventist Academy or Redding Christian School, are eligible for Shasta County Driver Education program. To prepare for your written test, a teen must complete a drivers education course. For additional preparation, a good idea would be fore the teen to study a California Driver Handbook.

Shasta County Drivers Ed

Affordable Drivers Ed For Redding High School Teens

Drivers education online with Drivers Ed Direct is easy to access, easy to understand, and easy to complete around your ever-changing schedule. In fact, Redding teens can sign-up for our course online, take all of the drivers education lessons online, and complete our final exam online. When you are finished, we will mail an official drivers education certificate to your home in Redding. So skip the hassle of driving to and from class; with drivers ed online, you can access the course when you have the time, from anywhere you can get online. No wonder Drivers Ed Direct is one of the fastest growing driving schools in Northern California!

The Complete Drivers Education Experience

Traditional Redding driving schools have earned a reputation of having boring classes, minimal instruction, and a short-lived relationship with their driving students. Not Drivers Ed Direct. We aim to be Northern California's top driving school by offering Affordable driver education along with a lifetime of driving school resources to our students. We know that our students will still be learning to drive each and every day and we want to be there for them as they go along in their driving lives. We do this by offering ongoing driving resources, fostering safe driving programs, and keeping an open line of communication with students past and present through outlets like our e-news letters and Facebook.

Northern California Traffic School

Pulled over in Shasta County for speeding? Don't pay your ticket without going to traffic school first! TrafficSchool.com, Northern California's leading traffic school, can help you save your driving record by eliminating the negligent operator points from your driving record. So give TrafficSchool.com a try and avoid any costly increases in your auto insurance premiums.

Drivers Ed in Redding

Redding High School Driving Resources Online

Get what you need in Redding

DrivingLinks.com is a great resource when you need anything related to driving. Whether you are looking for used cars in Redding, insurance quotes in Shasta County, traffic school in Northern California, or driving safety information for California, Florida, or any other state, DrivingLinks.com has you covered.

Need Drivers Ed, But Not a resident of Northern California?

Our internet driver training program is California Department of Motor Vehicles approved for each and every city in the state. Whether you live in Shasta County, somewhere in Northern California, or in another part of the state all together - you can take our course! We've helped students at Shasta High School, Enterpise High School, Foothill High School, Shasta Secondary, Shasta Trades Academy, Stellar Charter, Stellar Secondary Charter High School, University Preparatory, Grace Baptist School, North Valley Christian School, Redding Adventist Academy or Redding Christian School obtain their learner permit, but we've also helped literally hundreds of thousands