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Driver Safety: Accident Prevention for Your Holiday Travels

Holiday Contest: The Great Referral Race

In the News: Drivers Ed Direct Goes Prime Time


Accident Prevention for Your Holiday Travels

Holiday cheer is near, and this winter season the sound of bells jingling won't be the only noise we hear in the streets. Unfortunately, the holidays also bring a swell in other less festive street noises, like the sounds of car horns a-honking and car crashes a-crinkling. Late December and early January are marked by an increase in people taking both short and long distance trips. Take into account that more people will be celebrating with alcohol; add colder, wetter weather to the mix, and you have a holiday recipe for a not so merry auto accident... read full story here


The Great Referral Race

Attention money and prize lovers! Need some extra goodies this holiday season? Drivers Ed Direct is happy to give away cool cash and cooler prizes to participants of our Great Referral Race contest. How many of your friends and family can you refer to us before December 31, 2010? Click here to find out more about how it all works and the awe-inspiring prizes you can win (like an iPAD) - there's only two weeks left to win, don't wait!


Drivers Ed Direct Goes Prime Time

I've never been much of a fan of the paparazzi. Then again, I doubt the paparazzi has ever been a fan of me. Drivers Ed Direct, on the other hand, has been caught in the photographic crossfire this past month while teaching Russell Brand how to drive. Check out some cool pics and videos of Russell learning how to drive the Drivers Ed Direct way, as seen on the Tonight Show, E! Entertainment, and more !

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