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Online Burney Drivers Education
Burney Driver's Education

More than Just Web Drivers Education

What's the Drivers Ed Direct difference? Is it our Web drivers ed course? Is it our team of knowledgeable and helpful teachers, mentors, and driving instructors? Or is it our unmatched wealth of driving resources online? The truth is, the Drivers Ed Direct difference is all of the above, and more. We like to think that the main difference is how much we actually care about our students in Burney, Shasta County, and all of Northern California. Check out the rave reviews we get on our testimonials page, via Facebook, and on Yelp. You won't find another driving school out there with such a deep commitment to customer satisfaction, guaranteed.

Burney Drivers Education

Web Drivers Education in Burney

Online drivers education with Drivers Ed Direct is truly the easiest and most convenient way to fulfill your drivers education requirement in Shasta County. Burney Junior Senior High School students can schedule their course around their own hectic life and are allowed the ability to complete the course over multiple sittings. In addition, the Web course itself is easy and straightforward. The lessons are well constructed, the tutorials help make sense of the concepts, and the quizzes are multiple choice. From beginning to end, we offer Burney teenagers the simple solution to earning a drivers education certificate.

What Do I Need To Do?

How to fulfill the Burney, CA drivers education requirement is often misunderstood, but in all reality, it is a quite simple process. In a nut shell, here's what a teenager needs to do in order to earn a learner permit:

  1. Enroll in a California DMV drivers education course
  2. Fulfill the course requirements and pass the course's final exam in order to earn a DMV drivers ed certificate
  3. Take your drivers ed certificate to the nearest Shasta County DMV office
  4. Pass a multiple choice exam at the DMV; you are allowed to miss up to 8 questions
  5. If you pass, you get your picture taken and go home with a paper learner's license that day.
  6. Please note: Before driving with your permit, you must first complete your first lesson with a licensed driving school.

Burney, California Drivers Education Eligibility Requirements

The Drivers Ed Direct Web drivers ed course can be taken by any teen in Burney, Shasta Lake, Redding, Anderson, Red Bluff, Susanville, Magalia, Paradise, Chico, Klamath Falls, Grass Valley, and Marysville who is about to turn 15½ (the minimum age that you may take your permit test at the Burney DMV). We recommend starting our DMV Approved drivers ed course sometime around your 15th birthday; that way you will be ready to go to the DMV when you turn 15½ and earn your learner's permit. Our course has been reviewed thoroughly by the Department of Motor Vehicles headquarters in Sacramento, CA and is approved for any age-eligible teens in the state looking to fulfill the drivers education requirement. So whether you are home schooled or attend Burney Junior Senior High School, you can enroll in our course.

Drivers Ed in Burney

Web Drivers Ed

Introducing a Burney Drivers Education program that helps teens in Shasta County meet their California drivers education requirement without leaving home. With DriversEdDirect.com's online drivers ed class, students from Burney Junior Senior High School can take our CADMV approved drivers ed class from any computer with internet access. Our course is high in quality, educational, and captivating. Students will learn important driving concepts through reading well organized chapters, completing interactive tutorials, passing quizzes, and taking a final exam. Our course also comes with unlimited practice DMV tests. If you want your son or daughter to be well educated before getting behind the wheel of a car, then our affordable online course is perfect for you.

The Advantage of Taking Drivers Ed from Home in Burney

The days of taking drivers ed in a Burney High School classroom are all but extinct. For teens in the 21st century, drivers education is mostly conducted in a privatized classroom or by a DMV Approved course provider. In 2003, the DMV conducted a study and came to the conclusion that students taking online drivers education courses actually scored higher on their course exit exams than students learning the same information in a traditional drivers education classroom setting. These findings are not surprising; the average teen in Northern California gravitates toward online mediums and are more captivated and interested in technology. Rather than tuning out in a boring traditional classroom setting, teens taking classes online are captivated by interactive tutorials that allow them to go at their own pace and to logout when they become tired.

Not Going to High School in Northern California?

It does not matter where you live in CA, our Web drivers education curriculum is approved by the Shasta County DMV and all other California DMV's throughout the state. Any student from North California to Southern California, from the West Coast to the Inland Empire, from Central California and beyond can take our online drivers education course to fulfill their teen driver's education component and to earn the official DMV certificate needed to earn a provisional driving permit.

Drivers Ed in Burney

Burney Traffic Tickets

Pulled over in Shasta County for speeding? Don't pay your ticket without going to traffic school first! TrafficSchool.com, Northern California's leading traffic school, can help you save your driving record by eliminating the negligent operator points from your driving record. So give TrafficSchool.com a try and avoid any costly increases in your auto insurance premiums.

Burney High School Driving Resources Online

Driving Resources for the Burney driving enthusiast

Find a comprehensive collection of driving links and resources designed to make the driving life of Northern California residents easier and more efficient. Hop online to choose a traffic school for your Shasta County ticket or find a driving school in Burney for your teen. You can also download DMV forms, play driving flash games, and read articles related to driving.