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Online Texas Parent-Taught Drivers Ed

Texas Approved Drivers Education
  • Meets TX Permit Requirements (Teens 14 - 17)
  • Simple for Parents to Understand and Teach
  • Friendly Customer Support 24/7
  • Also Works on Tablets & Mobile Devices!
  • Apply for Learner's Permit After 1st Unit!
TDLR P.T.D.E. #113

Texas Approved Drivers Education

Parent-Taught Drivers Ed (14-17)
with Permit Exam Included!

  • New! All-in-One Package
  • TX TDLR Parent Taught Drivers Ed
  • Online TX DPS Permit Test
Only $99.00
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TX TDLR Approved Course New Product!

Online Adult Drivers Ed in Texas
For New Drivers 18-24

  • Fully Approved by Texas TDLR
  • No DPS Written Tests
  • Easy and 100% Online
Only $44.95
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TX TDLR Approved Course

Texas Parent-Taught Teen Drivers Ed Online: Course Details

Course for Teens 14-17
Only $79.00

Why Take Parent-Taught Drivers Ed in Texas?

Drivers Training at Home: Parent-Taught Driver Education (PTDE) gives teens the opportunity to meet Texas driver education requirements outside of a classroom through the instruction of a parent. Our TDLR-Approved Parent-Taught course will fulfill the state-mandated 32 hours of classroom instruction.

TX TDLR Approved Course

Is this Course Texas Approved?

Yes! This online parent-taught drivers education course is fully approved by the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulations.

How Parent-Taught Drivers Ed Works?

Parent and Teen Work Together: Teens and parents will connect on important driving safety topics and parents will provide quality guidance during driving hours. Both student and parent are required to complete the online course and submit an informational packet to the Texas TDLR. Don't worry, you will be given all of the information needed to easily complete your parent-taught requirement once you register for the course.

Steps for Completing Texas Driver Ed Requirement

  1. Parent registers their 14-17 year old son or daughter online
  2. Fill out and submit a PTDE packet request with the TDLR
  3. Finish first unit of the course and you will receive certificate, for free, that you need to apply for your permit.
    Teens 15 and older can earn their permit after completing Unit 1 (with proper DL forms)
  4. Complete the remaining online course material
  5. Complete the 44 hour in-car guided driving requirement

Application for Texas Driver Permit

Texas drivers ed students 15-17 can apply for a driver's permit after passing the 1st unit of an approved parent-taught drivers ed course. The student and parent (or legal guardian) must bring all required forms to their local DPS office. The DL forms you need are included in the PTDE packet you will receive from the TDLR. Students will be required to complete the knowledge exam at the DPS office.

Trusted Course Provider

American Safety Council

Drivers Ed Direct has teamed up with American Safety Council to deliver a high quality, simple, and TDLR approved drivers education course for Texas teens. American Safety Council is recognized coast-to-coast as a leading traffic safety organization and online education provider.

Parent-Taught Drivers Education Recap

  • Approval: Texas Department of Licensing and Regulations Approved
  • Eligibility: Texas Teens 14-17
  • Certificate: Free after First Unit
  • Access: Any Device with Internet (PC, Mac, Tablet, iPhone, etc.)

Course for Teens 14-17
Only $79.00
New & Texas Approved!

Quality & Convenience Combined

For Teens 14-17
Only $99.00

Parent-Taught Drivers Ed Course & TX DPS Online Permit Exam

TDLR-Approved PTDE Course: Meet the state-mandated 32 hours of classroom instruction with our Texas Department of Licensing and Regulations Approved Online Parent-Taught Drivers Education course.

TX DPS Online Permit Exam included! Take your DPS knowledge test at home, online & stress-free, before you go to the DPS office to pick up your permit!

TX TDLR Approved Course

Get Your TX Learner's Permit

After you complete the 1st unit of the PTDE course and you are at least 15 years of age, take the online DPS Permit Exam. Once you pass the knowledge exam online, you will receive a certificate with a notation as proof of exam completion. You and your parent will take this certificate, along with the other necessary DL forms, to the DPS office to pick up your learner's permit!

Online Texas Driver Education for Adults: Course Details

Course for Adults 18 - 24
Only $44.95

Why Take Adult Drivers Ed in Texas?

Earn Your First Driver's License: In Texas, adults between the age of 18 and 24 that have never had a Texas driver license must take an adult driver education course in order to apply for a license.

Adults 25 and Older For adults 25 and older, this highly recommended course can be taken voluntarily. Texans who elect to take this course will better understand important driving concepts such as Texas rules of the road, defensive driving in adverse conditions, vehicle safety systems, collision avoidance, and much more.

TX TDLR Approved Course

Is this Online Adult Drivers Ed Course Approved?

Yes! Our adult driver education program is fully approved by the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulations (TDLR) to fulfill Texas Department of Public Safety adult driver license requirements.

How Online Drivers Ed Works?

Complete Drivers Ed from Home or on the Go: Our Texas state-approved program is simple and 100% online adult driver's education. You can sign up for this class online, study online at your own pace, and take your test online. That's right, there is no written exam to take at the DPS! Once you've finished, we will process your completion certificate and send you a certificate to provide to the Texas DPS office when applying for your driver's license.

Adult Drivers Education & American Safety Council

American Safety Council

Drivers Ed Direct has partnered with the American Safety Council to provide Online Texas Adult Drivers Education. The American Safety Council adult driver ed course is approved by the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulations (TDLR) to meet driver licenses requirements for 18-24 years old, as stated by the Texas DPS.

Adult 18-24 Drivers Education Recap

  • Approval: Texas Department of Licensing and Regulations (TDLR) Approved
  • Eligibility: Adults 18 Years and Older
  • Testing: No Written Exam at the DPS
  • Access: 100% Online, from Start to Finish

Course for Adults 18 and Older
Only $44.95

We no longer sell this product. Please see
our currently approved Texas programs.


Looking for the best way to educate your teen while saving money?  Our parent-taught courses can cost less than half as much as commercial driving schools charge.  But more importantly, studies show that parents play one of the most important roles in their teen's drivers education.  When time, money and your teen’s safety are important to you, our parent-taught drivers ed programs are the way to go! 

Driver Ed in a Box® and Virtual Drive of Texas® are two of the premiere driver ed courses your teen can take in the state of Texas.  Choose the one that is best for you: 

Driver Ed in a Box® is a STATE APPROVED complete driving course with videos, interactive classroom, audio CDs with tips, and training mirrors. The program provides parents with the training tools necessary to train their teens to be safe, collision-free drivers and develop collision-free driving habits over the course of the program. Driver Ed in a Box is a CDROM course.



Virtual Drive of Texas® driver education is a STATE APPROVED, state-of-the-art training course designed to teach both the student and the parent all facets of driving, specific state laws, and the newest industry techniques, all in an easy to comprehend computerized method. This highly acclaimed training course contains 32 hours of classroom Driver Education training.


“I am glad that I chose this course for my daughter. I think she got a lot out of it.  I know I learned some things too. I would definitely recommend this course."   ~Vanessa, Troup, Texas / Virtual Drive Student

"I appreciated the logical progression and organization as well as the practical tips from such an experienced instructor. They were all terrific."  ~Linda Anderson, Sugar Land, Texas / Driver Ed in a Box Student

We no longer sell this product. Please see
our currently approved Texas programs.