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Jimmy Kimmel Game Night

Russell Brand Talks Glowingly About Tom at Drivers Ed Direct

Russell Brand on Jimmy Kimmel

On June 3rd, presented in conjunction with Game 1 of the NBA Finals between the Lakers and Celtics, Jimmy Kimmel welcomed comedian Russell Brand to his pre-recorded prime time talk show. While Brand spent some time talking about his career and upcoming wedding to Katy Perry, he devoted most of the discussion to his recent adventures in learning how to drive. Most notably, Brand carried on for a good ten minutes about his driving instructor "Tom" from Drivers Ed Direct, and how Tom was his "greatest ally" on the road. Besides telling several hilarious anecdotes about his time spent with Tom, including a priceless Tom impression, Brand joked about just how integral Tom had become in his life when he said, "Tom will be (an) integral" part of planning his wedding with Katy Perry.