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In this additional Behind the Wheel lesson, we'll schedule your DMV appointment, pick you up, and practice... practice... practice. Then you take the test in our car that you're already familiar with from your drivers training! Make your driving test stress-free with the benefits of a DMV Drive Test Prep Lesson!

Features of our DMV Drive Test Preparation Lesson Include:

We Pick You Up Before Your Test
Practice Before Your Test
Our Vehicles are DMV Test Ready

DMV Drive Test Prep Breakdown:

Schedule DMV Drive Test Appointment

  • We will contact the DMV and schedule a DMV Drive Test for your requested time
Let Us Do the Scheduling for You

45 Minute DMV Test Prep Practice

After picking up the student, we will review and refine all of the basic driving maneuvers that the student will be tested on at the DMV. This also includes a set of pre drive-test questions that the driving examiner will expect of the student.
  • Review Components of Drive Test
    • Pre-Drive Inspection
    • Pre-Drive Test Questions
    • Turns
    • Lane Changes
    • Speed Control
    • Traffic Checks
    • Parking and Reversing

NOTE: It is prohibited by DMV regulation for driving schools to practice near or on the DMV test route.

We'll Refresh DMV Test Concepts

Take Student to DMV for Drive Test & Check-in Service

  • After reviewing and prepping the student for the Drive Test, we will take the student to the DMV in our driving school car
  • We will provide all of the necessary paperwork required to take the Drive Test
  • We will get in the drive test line with the student and "calm their nerves"
  • We will provide our car for the drive test
We'll take you to the DMV in our car

Pick-Up Driver License and Take Student Home

  • Hopefully, the student passes the drive test and gets a driver license
  • Take the student home
Let us help with the paperwork


  • Schedule DMV Drive Test Appointment
  • 45-minute DMV Pre-Drive Test and Drive Test Preparation
  • Take Student to the DMV & Assist with Check-In
  • Use Our Car for Actual Drive Test
  • Get Driver License
  • Return Student Home

Please note: Drivers Ed Direct will contact the DMV for you to arrange the test date and time. We are unable to guarantee that an instructor and/or training vehicle will be available unless Drivers Ed Direct scheduling staff makes the DMV test appointment. The drive test will be scheduled at your local DMV. If you would like to take your DMV Drive Test at another DMV, an additional out of area fee may apply for the travel time to ensure you will receive the full practice time before the Drive Test, as well as arrive at the DMV on time.

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