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How Fundraising on Cruise Control Works

Your organization gets a fundraising promotion code: You can distribute your promotion code by handing out flyers, emailing school groups, posting on your organization's website, using social media, or using any other creative ideas you can come up with.

Each time a payment is made with your fundraising code, you hear a "cha-ching": When a student uses your fundraising code during payment, they will receive a $20 discount AND we will automatically donate $10 of the sale to you!

You use the money earned to do cool things for your school or organization: We will mail you a check monthly with the money you have earned. What you do with that money is up to you!

How Much Will I Earn?

For each purchase of our DMV Approved Online Drivers Ed Course made with your fundraising code, we will give you $10 of the total sale! You could literally be earning hundreds of dollars each month.

More Fundraising Information

Want to talk to a real person? Always feel free to call our Fundraising Team at 1-800-728-1048, ext. 1104.

Why is our program a proven success? Unlike other fundraising products you sell, our product - drivers education - is something both students and parent need and want to buy. In addition, our driver's education program is an easy sell: Drivers Ed Direct is the most recognized driving school in California and students who use your fundraising code will also get a $20 discount when they sign up!

What can a successful fundraiser do?

New uniforms for the team.
iPad's for the library.
A class trip to Six Flags.
Donate money to cancer research.

The real question is...

What will you do?

 on Cruise Control

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