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Driver Safety: Think Before You Don't Speak: Driver Communication

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Traffic School: Still Keeping Insurance Rates Low By Masking Tickets


Think Before You Don't Speak: Driver Communication

Communication with other drivers is essential, and no, we are not talking about using your iPhone or Blackberry. To be more precise, communication on the road means announcing your intentions to others, while simultaneously reading the intent being telegraphed by fellow drivers and pedestrians.... read full story here


Answer and Win a Free Drivers Ed Direct Leaf Logo shirt!

Be one of the first 3 people to correctly answer all three questions and we'll send you a FREE t-shirt. Email with your answers. Here's a hint: all of the answers can be found by reading the 'Driver Communication' article above!

Q1) Failing to use your turn signal is not only unsafe, it can also bring out the __________ in anyone.

a. best
b. road rage
c. safe driver

Q2) You should only honk your horn to do what?

a. Announce your arrival at your friends house
b. Let another driver know you're mad at them
c. Avoid an accident

Q3) A frequently ignored driver communication tool, yet probably the most vital, is _______!

a. you
b. your cell phone
c. a megaphone


Still Keeping Insurance Rates Low By Masking Tickets

For years, drivers with traffic tickets have been taking traffic school to fix their driving record and, despite the recent changes to CA state law, this hasn't changed. Motorists can still take traffic school once every 18 months to mask a traffic violation, like speeding, from public view on their driving record and thus their auto insurance rates will not go up.

Contrary to other articles and news releases, traffic school is still the only way you mask negative points on your DMV driving record. The only thing that has changed is for outstandingly bad drivers who keep piling up tickets. These egregious drivers will no longer be able to take advantage of a loophole in the old law that allowed them to take traffic school multiple times within a single 18 month period.

Drivers Ed Direct has teamed up with to help you keep your insurance rates low by having a special Drivers Ed Direct customer promotional discount in place for you. If you receive a ticket, go to and when prompted during registration, use promotion code 'direct' to save 20% on your course fee.

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