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Getting a drivers license is one of the most memorable times in a teen's life. Chances are teenagers will long remember both their driver's education experience as well as the day they passed their driving test and earned their driver license. Unfortunately, a large percentage of teens will remember the day they failed their driver's test and how nervous they were at the DMV.

Many students don't pass their driving test because they are not adequately prepared and haven't practiced driving a sufficient amount of hours. Even though the state requires 50 hours of driving practice with a parent or guardian, sometimes those 50 hours isn't nearly enough. Other students who may well be capable drivers will leave the DMV disappointed and without their license because of test-related nerves and not knowing what to expect.

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Like tennis great Arthur Ashe once said, "One important key to success is self-confidence. An important key to self-confidence is preparation." By walking into the DMV on test day knowing what to expect, you truly increase your chances of passing that dreaded licensing test the first time. By reviewing the Drivers Ed Direct Guide to Passing Your Drive Test, you'll gain that self-confidence you need to walk into the DMV with your permit and leave 20-minutes later with your very own California Driver License.

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