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Not only does our innovative online course help make you the safest driver possible, it'll also help you take your written permit test with confidence. Studies show that students who use practice tests to prepare for exams perform better than those who don't.

Our state-of-the-art practice test module provides you with a 46 question multiple choice practice exam - similar to the one you will take at the DMV. Furthermore, we have a pool of 300 questions which will be randomly generated for each practice exam you would like to take, so go ahead and practice as much as you like, you'll never get the same set of questions.

Multiple choice tests help you prepare for the DMV permit test

The best part: You can take all the practice tests you want for FREE when you purchase our online drivers ed course. Otherwise, non-drivers ed students can access our practice test module for a small charge.

DMV Written Test Tips

Before you take the written exam at the DMV, make sure you have read through the California Driver Handbook in its entirety. All the test questions can be found in the handbook and if you miss a question, the DMV employee can point out which page in the handbook the question can be found.

We also strongly recommend that you take several of our practice exams so that you can see as many real DMV questions as possible prior to taking your actual test. For the best chance of passing your test at the DMV on your first attempt, we suggest the following strategy for success:

  • Complete a minimum of 10 of our 46 question practice exams. This will give you a higher chance of seeing all potential questions.
  • Take our practice exams until you can pass at least 5 exams in a row.
  • Make sure that you pass your final 3 practice exam attempts with a score of 93% or higher.

Using the above strategy when taking our practice tests can increase your chances of passing your actual test at the DMV, where you may feel greater stress and pressure.

Increase your chances of passing your permit test!
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