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Brand Ambassador Fine Print

Prizes and bonuses are only redeemable when a referred customer completes payment on their order for our online course or any 6,10, or 20 hour driver training package. No bonuses will be given for customers who defer their payment or make incomplete payments. Drivers Ed Direct reserves the right to amend or end the Ambassador program at anytime without notice.

When redeeming prizes, please allow 2-4 weeks for your bonus cash or gift pack to arrive. We need ample time to process your prize request; all prizes will be mailed First Class USPS.

Ambassadors may only choose one reward package for the referral level they have achieved and are not entitled to any other prizes from previous referral levels. When an ambassador chooses to collect a reward package, their referral count returns to 0.

Posting of promotion codes on coupon-based websites is prohibited. Any promo codes found on coupon-based sites will be immediately cancelled and you will be cashed out with whatever referral rewards are due you at that time. A new promotion code can be issued to you if you would like a replacement.

**CA residents only