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Important Note Regarding DMV Completion Certificates

Please read the following important notice regarding all official DMV Completion Certificates issued by Drivers Ed Direct:

  • The DMV will only accept the original, hard copy of any completion certificate issued by Drivers Ed Direct. The DMV will NOT accept a photocopy, fax copy, emailed copy, or downloaded copy of a certificate. Copies of any DMV certificate will NOT be accepted by the DMV.
  • Drivers Ed Direct will process and issue Completion Certificates within 1 business day after you complete our program. By default, Drivers Ed Direct sends all official DMV Completion Certificates via USPS First-Class Mail. While USPS First Class Mail is supposed to deliver within 3 business days, please understand that USPS First-Class Mail can sometimes take up to 7-10 days to deliver and that Drivers Ed Direct has no control over how quickly the USPS delivers your certificate once it has been mailed. For students who need their official DMV certificates promptly, Drivers Ed Direct does offer:
    • Guaranteed expedited certificate shipping options with delivery tracking, such as FedEx Next Day and FedEx 2nd Day.
    • In-office certificate pick-up for students who call 1 business day in advance and arrange to pick up their official completion certificate from our headquarters in Chatsworth, CA.

Drivers Ed Direct Student User Agreement & Acknowledgement
& Parent/Guardian Acknowledgement

I certify under penalty of perjury that I alone will study the Drivers Ed Direct course materials and take all quizzes and tests without any outside assistance. I understand that if it is determined that I have not completed Drivers Ed Direct without outside assistance, make false statements or present falsified documents to the DMV or Drivers Ed Direct, that it may be a felony and the completion of this course will not be accepted and my fees will not be refunded. All returned checks will be subject to an additional $10.00 charge. In addition, Drivers Ed Direct may prevent you from completing your course and/or may notify the DMV to invalidate your certificate until payment in full has been made.   I also certify that I have read the Help & Resources section of the Drivers Ed Direct website and acknowledge my understanding of the policies and procedures related to Driver Ed Direct's various programs, including any partner programs.

While the information contained in Drivers Ed Direct course has been compiled from sources believed to be reliable and correct, the publisher makes no warranty, expressed or implied, with respect to the use of any information, method, or process disclosed in this publication nor that such use may not infringe upon privately owned rights, and does not assume any liabilities or responsibilities, expressed or implied, with respect to the use of, or for damages resulting from, the use of any information, method, or process disclosed in the publication or the accuracy of the information contained herein.

Please make sure to update/verify your personal information for any changes that need to be made prior to completing the course. For students issued completion certificates for our California programs, which include DMV certificate forms DL-400C, OL238 and OL392, there is a $25.00 charge for the issuance of any duplicate certificate or certificates that require a change of information once they have already been mailed. We also require a signed letter from a parent saying the certificate was lost or destroyed. For certificates issued via FedEx delivery where the student provided incorrect or incomplete address information (such as incorrect/missing address, zip code, unit/apt numbers, etc...), the student will be responsible for an additional $22.50 address correction fee to have the certificate rerouted by FedEx. Students who are 17½ years of age or older completing Behind-The-Wheel Training WILL NOT be issued DMV certificates as they are not necessary for obtaining a drivers license at the DMV.

Refunds requested for a purchased CA Online Drivers Ed Course, Behind-the-Wheel lesson or package will be granted but shall only include the unused portion of the service purchased and normal retail rates shall apply when determining refund amounts, less a 10% processing and service fee. Upon written request, the Company will allow a one-time transfer of unused lessons to another participant (such as a sibling or friend) designated by the purchaser, at no charge. Refunds for California Online Drivers Ed Courses will not be granted if a certificate of completion has been issued.

This publication is not intended or designed to give legal advice on the compliance with Federal, State, or Local laws and regulations. It should be noted that laws, regulations, and standards are subject to revisions, additions, or deletions, at any time. Additionally, please view the CA DMV Legal Notice and Disclaimer.

I will not reproduce any course content or testing materials in any way without prior written permission from Drivers Ed Direct and/or its various partners. Furthermore, I will not give, copy or otherwise distribute any of the course materials to anyone without prior written permission from Drivers Ed Direct.