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Learn to drive with Drivers Ed Direct. Earn your permit with Drivers Ed Direct. Take our course from anywhere on any device! Self-paced course with No Timers! Online Drivers Ed with Interactive Lessons Free DMV Practice Tests Included

Why Do Over 100,000 California Teens Choose Drivers Ed Direct?

Here is our 4-Point Promise to you, our future valued customer:

Helpful Support
We are located right here in Southern California and provide helpful and friendly live phone support (for free). We take pride in easing your stress and delivering a positive driving school experience for both teens and parents.
You can count on us! We are a California licensed driving school and our drivers education course has been DMV approved since 2005. We have hundreds of 5-Star ratings and thousands of licensed graduates.
Our drivers ed curriculum is highly educational and is designed to help teens learn and retain critical driving concepts. We want our graduates to be armed with the knowledge required to be safe, responsible drivers.
Guaranteed Success
We are confident that you will pass our drivers ed course and earn your completion certificate. We give you unlimited attempts to pass, and if for some reason you don't pass, we will gladly give you your money back, guaranteed!

Experience the Drivers Ed Direct Difference

Most driving schools stop at meeting California's minimum standards required to provide drivers education. At Drivers Ed Direct, we know that being a life-long safe driver means more than just passing a test. See what sets us apart from other popular driving schools in the California.

Online Drivers Ed Course
Drivers Ed Direct
Other Schools
Original online course approved by the California DMV
Drivers Ed Direct
Other Schools
Course may be 'rented' or borrowed from another driving school
Guaranteed to pass with Money Back Guarantee
Drivers Ed Direct
Other Schools
Good luck with that
Course includes stimulating interactive lessons and graphics
Drivers Ed Direct
Other Schools
Usually dry all-text courses copied from the DMV Handbook
Free & unlimited DMV practice permit tests
Drivers Ed Direct
Other Schools
Don't have any practice tests or charge extra for them
Go at your own pace with no course timers
Drivers Ed Direct
Other Schools
May have course timers on each page
Start the course for FREE with 'Try Before You Buy'
Drivers Ed Direct
Other Schools
What are they hiding? Pay for their entire course up-front and find out
A Driving School You Can Trust
Over 25 years of experience teaching defensive driving
Drivers Ed Direct
Other Schools
Very few
Helpful support staff ready to answer questions, be your DMV liaison, and assist with DMV paperwork
Drivers Ed Direct
Other Schools
No dedicated staff or regular office hours
Top-rated driving school with a perfect 5-star rating on Google and Yelp
Drivers Ed Direct
Other Schools
Not likely
Fully Licensed by the DMV, Bonded, and Insured
Drivers Ed Direct
Other Schools
100% satisfaction and price-match guarantee
Drivers Ed Direct
Other Schools
Located in California, locally owned and operated
Drivers Ed Direct
Other Schools


We Didn't Pay For Any of These Rave Reviews. We Promise!

Hundreds of independent, verified reviews from real California driving school students and parents

Worth every penny

"Driver's Ed Direct has been a great find for us and we can't say enough great things about this company/program. The online course was great and helped teach our daughter the rules of the road, and prepared her for the written test. You can't go wrong with choosing Driver's Ed Direct!"

~ Jennifer N. in Los Angeles, CA ~

Help every step of the way

"Great Online drivers Ed course. Very informative, thorough and helpful guidance for the next step. Highly recommend for those parents who need help with every step of the way to help with the process for their child."

~ Cindy B. in Burlingame, CA ~

Your videos helped a lot!


How Online Drivers Ed Works

We take pride in making your drivers education experience as simple and user-friendly as possible.

Step 1 - Sign Up for Drivers Ed

Ready to get behind the wheel? The first step is taking a DMV approved drivers ed course with Drivers Ed Direct (DMV Licensed Driving School #E4141). Signing up is fast and easy when you register online in minutes. We even let you start the course for free, so you can 'try it before you buy it' and see for yourself why our course is the best.

You can also call us at (800) 728-1048 and our friendly and helpful support team can help you get started.

Step 2 - Study Online Anytime, Anywhere

With our online California drivers ed course, earning your permit is easy and convenient. Everything is available 24/7 online and our course is designed to be used on any computer, phone, or tablet.

You'll like that our course is not just page after page of text. Every page contains graphics to support the content. Additionally, the course is filled with dozens of interactive lessons to stimulate your brain and help you better understand driving concepts.

Our course is also self-paced and you can take as little or much time as you want to complete it. We'll save your work along the way and always log you back in right where you left off.

Step 3 - Pass Your Permit Test

You will earn your official DMV drivers ed certificate of completion when you pass our online course. You'll need to take that certificate with you to the DMV when you're ready to take the written permit test.

Don't worry, we will prepare you for the DMV test better than any other driving school. Not only is our online drivers ed curriculum thorough and easy to understand, we also give our students unlimited access to our DMV Practice Test generator. That means you can take hundreds of simulated DMV tests before you go to the DMV for the real deal.

Our passing rate is outstanding and we have a reputation at the DMV for preparing confident students who pass the test on their first try.

Step 4 - Start Driving!

You are ready to get behind the wheel after completing your online drivers ed course requirement and passing your permit test at the DMV. With your permit in hand, you'll be able to schedule your first driving lesson with a licensed driving school, like Drivers Ed Direct.

So what are you waiting for? The sooner you get started on your drivers ed, the sooner you will be ready to earn your driver's license. For most new driving students, we recommend starting your drivers education course between the ages of 15 to 15½. If you earn your DMV learner's permit at age 15½, you will be eligible to earn your driver's license when you turn 16 (granted you fulfill the complete list of California DMV driver training requirements).


Answers to Your California Drivers Ed Questions

Common drivers ed questions with expert answers on how to earn a California driver's license.

Am I old enough to start taking drivers ed in California?

The CA DMV does not specify a minimum age for a teen beginning drivers education in California. However, the legal earliest age you can earn a DMV learner's permit in CA is 15½ years old, so we suggest starting your drivers ed sometime between the ages of 15 and 15½. That way you can earn your permit at 15½ and hold it for the required 6-months, then becoming eligible to earn your drivers license the day after your 16th birthday. Also, beginning your drivers ed early on will give yourself ample time to truly learn the drivers education information from our online course and to take as many DMV practice tests as possible before you take the permit test at the DMV.

Why do I need to take drivers ed in California?

Future drivers take drivers education classes to learn the Rules of the Road and safe driving practices, as well as to fulfill DMV licensing requirements. If you are younger than 17½ years old, you will need an official DMV completion certificate for drivers ed. You will bring this certificate with you to the DMV so you can take the written test needed to earn a driving permit. We will mail you this drivers education completion certificate when you pass our online drivers ed course.

For a complete list of what's needed to earn your driving privilege, visit our CA State Licensing Requirements for Minors page.

TAKING YOUR PERMIT TEST: Plan ahead for your permit test with the DMV so that you can earn your permit without any difficulties or delays. Read here for our latest recommendations and guidelines for obtaining your learner's permit.

The DMV Permit Process: Instructor Liz will guide you step-by-step through the entire confusing DMV process.

How long does the online course take to complete?

Our online drivers ed program is completely self-paced and there are no course timers limiting your progress. This allows you take as much time or little time on each topic as needed. We strongly recommend that each student take enough time to absorb and understand all the valuable driver training material in our course. While the DMV has approved our online drivers ed course as a "30-hour course", you may finish sooner if you are a fast learner, or you can take longer if needed. It's entirely up to you!

How does your free trial work?

We offer all of our students a 'Try Before You Buy' option before purchasing our online course. This allows you to take all sections of our course without paying a dime or even providing any credit card information.

Why do we offer a free trial? We stand behind the quality and user-friendliness of our course and want you to see for yourself why. We are confident that you won't find a better driver's ed course out there.

What are Drivers Ed Direct's Driving School Qualifications?

Drivers Ed Direct is Fully Licensed, Bonded, and Insured

Drivers Ed Direct has been California DMV licensed driving school #E4141 since 2005. That means we are legally able to provide driver's training in the entire state of California, and can issue DMV certificates to out graduates so they can earn their driver's license from the DMV. Our driving school is also fully bonded and insured.

We also pride ourselves in being a top-rated Driving School with a perfect 5-star rating on Google and Yelp.


Do you already spend enough time in a classroom? We have an alternative... Drivers Ed Direct introduces a drivers education course that you can complete entirely online. That's right, no classroom attendance required. This course is approved by the Department of Motor Vehicles to satisfy the California Driver Education requirement.


Go at your own pace
Interactive Flash lessons
DMV Practice Tests


We know you have a lot of options to choose from for your drivers ed needs, but very few companies offering online drivers education are actually licensed by the California DMV.  Rest assured, Drivers Ed Direct is a DMV licensed driving school (DS# E4141). Click here to see our course approval letter.
CA DMV License #E4141


Upon successful completion of your drivers ed course, an original certificate of completion (DMV Form DL-400C) will be mailed directly to you and a confirmation of your completion will be provided for you online. The original certificate can be taken to the Department of Motor Vehicles as proof that you have completed the Driver Education requirement and are ready to take your learner's permit exam.  Need your certificate in a hurry?  You can choose a FedEx delivery option and get your certificate faster after completing the course.
Official DMV Certificates


We went the extra mile with our DMV Approved Online Drivers Education course!  Ask around, you’ll be hard pressed to find another online course that has been officially approved by the DMV as a 30-hour drivers education lesson plan.  Reviewed and approved by the DMV, you can rest assured that our course not only meets the CA state drivers ed requirements, it goes above and beyond in educating your teen.

Get started today and try out the course for free with no obligations!
DMV Approved Online Course


In the event you don't pass your online drivers ed final exam the first time, don't worry. You can always review the course lessons and take the test again, until you are able to pass... for no additional charge!

So what are you waiting for? The sooner you get started the sooner you are on your way to getting behind the wheel!

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