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Rules of the Road DVD

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Rules of the Road Interactive DVD

Only $34.95 (plus shipping)

Learn the basics of driving in the comfort of your own home with this entertaining & educational DVD program. Whether you are just learning how to drive or if you've already obtained your permit or license, this award winning interactive DVD is a must have.

Rules of the Road DVD

Some of the program highlights include the following:

Rules of the Road - Screen Shot
Rules of the Road
Rules of the Road - Road Signs

105 minutes of material with seven interactive drivers ed lessons, including:

Driving Basics
City and Residential Driving
The Driver's Exam
Highway Driving
Safety Tips for Normal Conditions
Hazardous Conditions
Drug and Alcohol Awareness
And much more

Receive the drivers education you need to help prepare you for the task of learning the fundamentals of safe driving.

NOTE: This DVD Program is for supplemental drivers training/education purposes only. Ordering/viewing this program does not satisfy any state’s licensing requirements.