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This 2-hour lesson is taught by a specialized DMV Licensed Instructor trained to evaluate driving performance of senior drivers and others being required to take supplemental tests by the DMV. Our Driving Performance Evaluation lesson is a great way to prepare for either of the DMV supplemental driving tests:

  • Supplemental Driving Performance Evaluation (SDPE)
  • Area Driving Performance Evaluation (ADPE)

Features of the Driving Performance Evaluation Lesson

The best instructors
Learn from DMV Licensed Instructors
Focus on the skills you need work on.
Practice and Improve Driving Skills
Practice driving test concept.
Cover Concepts Tested by DMV Examiner
Written feedback provided.
Includes Evaluation Signed by Instructor

Who Usually Takes Our Driving Performance Evaluation?

  • Senior drivers or other drivers who have not met DMV's minimum vision requirements
  • Senior drivers or other drivers who have been referred from a Driver Safety office because of a physical or mental (P&M) condition or lack of driving skill
  • Drivers referred by a law enforcement officer, physician, or a relative or friend who is concerned about the safety of the student's driving ability

Driving Performance Signed Evaluation Included

After the completed Driving Performance Evaluation lesson, we will provide a written and signed evaluation letter that will be sent to the student (or student's family) and made available to the DMV, student's physician and/or law enforcement if required. The evaluation will cover the topics and curriculum areas gone over during the driving lesson and are discussed in further detail below.

What to Expect During the 2-Hour DMV Evaluation with Drivers Ed Direct

During the evaluation, our licensed instructor will work with the student in several different driving environments designed to help identify any driving skills that need improvement. Our instructor will help determine if the driver:

  • Has the ability to operate a motor vehicle safely
  • Practices proper safe-driving habits
  • Can demonstrate knowledge of traffic laws and practice them appropriately
  • Can follow multiple directions and maintain concentration while conversing with the instructor
  • Can compensate for any condition that might impact safe driving ability, such as troubled vision, physical disabilities, or the loss of cognitive functioning (such as dementia)

Driving Maneuvers Practiced During Your Lesson

To help prepare for the DMV examination, students will practice most driving maneuvers and then rework skills that need improvement. Skills that will be worked on include:

  • Speed control
  • Reversing
  • Parking lot driving
  • Right turns and left turns
  • Handling intersection
  • Changing lanes
  • Keeping space cushions
  • Parking (parking lot, curbside, and on hills)
  • Identifying driving hazards
  • Making a return destination trip
  • Freeway driving (optional if student is testing for a license with "no freeway driving" restriction)

* Our patient and experienced instructors are committed to developing your driving skills at a pace that is both comfortable and challenging. Instructors will use their discretion and assess your driving skills before training in advanced environments such as city streets, freeways, or canyons. We will not teach you in any setting thought to be unsafe given your current driving ability.

** Drivers Ed Direct cannot guarantee DMV will approve, restrict or otherwise give back the student's driving privilege based on the completion of this lesson. The 2-Hour Driving Performance Evaluation lesson provided by Drivers Ed Direct is purely a driving evaluation as requested by the participant.

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