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If you would like to purchase driving lessons one at a time, or add extra lessons to any previously purchased behind-the-wheel package, choose this option and customize the quantity of lessons you'd like during checkout. Remember, these lessons are purchased in 2-hour increments, so if you'd like more practice or think you might need some fine-tuning of certain driving skills, this option is the way to go.

Features of our 2-Hour Behind-the-Wheel Lesson Include:

Train in a new Hybrid Vehicle
Focus on the skills you need work on.
The best instructors

There are many different reasons our 2-hour behind-the-wheel lessons might be right for you. Some examples include:
One on one training
  • You're a beginner driver and want to learn the basics of driving in residential neighborhoods.
  • You would like to spend more time practicing parking skills in parking lots and curbside, including parallel parking.
  • You are already comfortable driving in residential neighborhoods and want to practice on busier city streets.
  • You are already comfortable driving on busy streets and want practice driving on the Freeway or in Canyons
  • You'd like to practice with us while helping to fulfill the State of California 50-Hour supervised training requirement.
  • You want to practice driving in a different type of vehicle. We have cars and SUVs to choose from.
  • You want to become more familiar driving at night, learning the different obstacles driving during darkness.
  • You want to fulfill your CA DMV driver training requirement by purchasing lessons one at a time (pay-as-you-go), instead of purchasing a 6-hour, 10-hour, or 20-hour driving package all at once.
Freeway lessons

Whatever your reason may be, you can be assured that we'll accommodate your needs with these high-quality, private 2-hour lessons.

* Our patient and experienced instructors are committed to developing your driving skills at a pace that is both comfortable and challenging. Instructors will use their discretion and assess your driving skills before training in advanced environments such as city streets, freeways, or canyons. We will not teach you in any setting thought to be unsafe given your current driving ability.

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