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Driver Ed In Minnesota

Minnesota Home Study Adult Drivers Ed

Driver Ed In Minnesota
  • Study Rules Of The Road from Home!
  • Learn From Video, Interactive Lessons, And More!
  • 100% Online / No Classroom!
  • 10 Online Practice Permit Tests Included
  • Possibly Earn an Insurance Discount

Minnesota home study drivers education - More Info

Learn How to Drive!
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Why Minnesota Adults Take Drivers Ed?

Learning to drive in Minnesota can be a formidable task for even the most confident person. While the MN DVS Driver Handbook is a must-read for all new drivers in Minnesota, it is often found boring, difficult to read, and hard to comprehend. Likewise, attending a classroom drivers ed in Minnesota often leaves students ill prepared for the road challenges ahead. Our internet course has videos, is interactive, and keeps students engaged. Since our driver education course is self-paced, the student can logout and return later when they need a study break. Though not required in the state of Minnesota, our online adult drivers education is highly recommended as an aid in teaching driving concepts, MN driving laws, good driving habits, and more.

When you complete the Minnesota adult driver education course, you may also qualify to save on your insurance! Please seek approval from your insurance agent prior to taking this course for auto insurance discount purposes.

Is This Course Required By The State Of Minnesota?

This web based drivers ed course is an elective course for Minnesotans 18 and over, which means you can take it if you want to better prepare yourself for your driving future, as well as the drivers license or renewal exam. Completing this course will not fulfill any state drivers education requirements for Minnesota.

How Minnesota Drivers Ed Works

Completing our online drivers education is very simple and straightforward for Minnesota adults. Since everything is online, you don't have to leave the comforts of your Minnesota home. You sign up online, study the interactive lessons online, and take the tests online. The course even comes with 10 free DMV permit prep tests! How long you take to complete the course is up to you. There are no time limits and you work at your own pace, around your schedule.

Helping Adults Drive Safely In Minnesota


At Drivers Ed Direct, we take pride in providing MN adults with a quality, yet affordable education. Teaming up with DriversEd.com has allowed us to provide new Minnesota drivers a home study course that educates easily and conveniently. With over 10 years of experience providing drivers education, drivers can count on DriversEd.com to deliver satisfaction!

Simple Steps for Completing Your Course in The North Star State

  1. Register for the online driving school course from home.
  2. Study online lessons at your own pace and pass online quizzes.
  3. Test yourself with 10 free DMV practice tests.

Educational, Fun, and Worth Every Penny!
Only $49.95

Great Way to Prepare for Your DMV Test

No matter what state you live and drive in, our supplemental educational product can help you master the rules of the road and ace your DMV test. Don't hit the road until you have all the knowledge you need to succeed behind the wheel.

Online DMV Written Practice Tests

DMV Practice Tests

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Say yes to success! Studies show that taking practices tests help students succeed on test day:

  • Take as many practice tests as you want
  • Tests selected from over 200 driving questions
  • Questions are multiple choice
  • Each test is graded for you & correct answers revealed
  • 100% online, fast, and convenient

Description: Get ready for your test at the DMV by taking an UNLIMITED number of practice multiple choice DMV permit tests. These sample tests are like the written exam you will take at the DMV. Take them over again until you're ready!

NOTE: These supplemental drivers training/education products are intended for your education only. Though both products are highly beneficial to any driver, ordering/completing these programs will not satisfy your state's licensing requirements.