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DMV Same Day / Express Service Visit

California DMV Express Experience

California DMV has created a simple express system that allows you to take your permit test.

To take advantage of the DMV Same Day / Express Service Visit, go to the CA DMV REAL ID page to apply for a REAL ID driver's license (DL) for the first time online: https://realid.dmv.ca.gov/.

It may be confusing that you need to apply for a REAL ID DL when you are actually obtaining a permit, but the permit is the first step in the driver's license process, so the option to select is the "REAL ID DL". This opportunity provides for applicants to complete the creation of a DMV account online and the uploading of all of the documents needed (view list) and processed online.

REAL ID Documents

Follow the prompts to complete the application online and upload your documents. You'll have the opportunity to select the express service and a DMV of your choice. You must complete the application online and upload all documents required in order to fulfill the requirements for the express service visit.

At the end of the online steps, you'll receive an express service ticket, which contains two bar codes and a confirmation code (view example). You will print the confirmation paper and bring it into the DMV for your same day "express" service.

Sample Confirmation Code

The DMV recommends checking wait times before visiting your DMV location. Keep in mind, the knowledge test will not be given after 4:30 PM so we highly recommend you go to the DMV as early in the day as possible. If you prefer, you may make an appointment for a future date.

When you get to the DMV there will be a long line, but you don't have to wait in that line. With your express service visit information, you can go to the front of the DMV, to the appointment clerk, and show them your paper with the confirmation code and two bar codes. Tell them you have an express service ticket and are there to get a REAL ID DL and take your permit test. There may be a brief wait, but you should be in and out in no time!


Instructor Liz will guide you step-by-step through the entire confusing DMV process.

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