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Learning To Drive

Russell Brand on learning to drive our Drivers Ed Direct Prius

Russell Brand on The Tonight Show

On December 6, 2010 funny man Russell Brand sat down with the "Tonight Show" host Jay Leno. With no filter at all, as expected from the outspoken-comedian, Brand was extremely vocal about his experience learning how to drive for the very first time with Drivers Ed Direct. Known for his wild antics and animated persona, Brand openly admitted that his personality wasn't exactly "equipped" to deal with the necessities that comes along with driving, expressing to the talk show host, "I must behave as if I'm at a funeral, otherwise we soon shall be." The candid Britt also credited car enthusiast Leno for sparking his interest in wanting to drive. "When I saw your glorious museum of cars, Jay, I thought I should learn to drive a car," said Brand. Although not a fan of the freeway just yet, still you can expect to see him driving around in his Prius, which he refers to as a "beast," reiterating, "The Prius is a monster."