Progress Report Example: Level 3 Behind the Wheel Lesson

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To the Parent(s) of Ben:

Here is the progress report for Ben's latest driving lesson with Drivers Ed Direct.

Lesson Overview:

On Monday, November 29, 2021, instructor Alejandra conducted a Level 3 Behind the Wheel driving lesson with Ben. This lesson mainly consisted of a review of Level 1 and Level 2 maneuvers. During the lesson, they worked on Acceleration, Blind Spot Checks, Braking & Stopping, Curbside Parking & Reversing, Defensive Driving, Following Distance, Hand Signals, Intersection Traffic Checks, Introduction to Freeway, Lane Changes, Lane Positioning & Spatial Awareness, Left Turns, Mock DMV Drive Test, Parking Lot Driving, Parking Lot Parking, Rear View Mirror Checks, Right of Way, Right Turns, Signaling, Speed Control and Straight Line Driving.

Strengths Identified for Ben:

  • Blind Spot Checks: Blind spot checks are made with ease and whenever required, job well done!
  • Braking & Stopping: Comes to a complete stop when limit line or crosswalk disappears at a stop.
  • Mock DMV Drive Test: Excellent job on simulated DMV test! Passed test with flying colors and is driving with good confidence and know-how. Keep up the great work.

Weaknesses Identified for Ben:

  • Lane Changes: Try to maintain your speed when making lane changes as unnecessary deceleration can impede the right of way of traffic following behind you.
  • Signaling: Needs to use turn signals before every turn and whenever making lane changes.

Comments from Instructor Alejandra:

Really great lesson! Ben is doing exceptionally well behind the wheel in both residential and business settings. Keep up the good work and please continue to fine-tune your driving ability.

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