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To the Parent(s) of Ben:

Here is the progress report for Ben's latest driving lesson with Drivers Ed Direct.

Lesson Overview:

On Friday, November 5, 2021, instructor Anthony conducted a Level 2 Behind the Wheel driving lesson with Ben. Anthony and Ben reviewed Level 1 maneuvers before advancing to Level 2 maneuvers in traffic. During the lesson, they covered Acceleration, Bicycle Lanes, Blind Spot Checks, Braking & Stopping, Center Left Turn Lane, Following Distance, Hazard Anticipation, Intersection Traffic Checks, Lane Changes, Lane Positioning & Spatial Awareness, Left Turns in Traffic, Parallel Parking, Parking Lot Driving, Parking Lot Parking, Parking on a Hill, Rear View Mirror Checks, Right of Way, Right Turns in Traffic, Road Sign Recognition, Signaling, Speed Control, Straight Line Driving and Understanding Legal U-Turns.

Strengths Identified for Ben:

  • Acceleration: Fantastic feel for gas pedal. Eases out of turns nicely and maintains consistent speed. Also, the acceleration is smooth throughout.
  • Braking & Stopping: Good job braking smoothly and coming to a complete stop behind the limit line and other stopped vehicles.
  • Lane Positioning & Spatial Awareness: Great work! Maintains a consistent lane position, keeps a safe space cushion from other vehicles, and makes spacing adjustments when needed.

Weaknesses Identified for Ben:

  • Parking Lot Parking: Increase chances of parking success by slowing down to a crawl (2-3 mph) and take a wider approach to the space before turning your wheel.
  • Right Turns in Traffic: Doesn't always end right hand turns in the right most lane. It's the law and provides more of a space cushion from oncoming cars making left turns onto the same street as you're turning onto.

Comments from Instructor Anthony:

Excellent job and a pleasure to teach! Ben is developing a lot of great skills behind the wheel in both residential and business districts. Still continue to practice as much as possible.

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