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To the Parent(s) of Ben:

Here is the progress report for Ben's latest driving lesson with Drivers Ed Direct.

Lesson Overview:

On Wednesday, October 6, 2021, instructor Mark conducted a Level 1 Behind the Wheel driving lesson with Ben. This lesson started with a thorough external and internal pre-drive inspection which included an orientation of all vehicle controls before they made the necessary adjustments for a safe departure. The primary focus of this lesson was basic maneuvers in a residential setting, which covered 3-Point and 2-Point Turns, Acceleration, Blind Spot Checks, Braking & Stopping, Curbside Parking & Reversing, Curves, Hand Signals, Hands on Wheel, Hazard Anticipation, Intersection Traffic Checks, Lane Positioning & Spatial Awareness, Left Turns Residential, Rear View Mirror Checks, Right of Way, Right Turns Residential, Signaling, Speed Control and Straight Line Driving.

Strengths Identified for Ben:

  • 3-Point and 2-Point Turns: Did a great job performing 2-pt and 3-pt turns.
  • Braking & Stopping: Good job braking smoothly and coming to a complete stop behind the limit line.
  • Curbside Parking & Reversing: Great job of performing the SMOG technique (Signal, Mirrors, Over the shoulder, Go) prior to approaching the curb.
  • Lane Positioning & Spatial Awareness: Nice job of pulling over to the right side of the road to accommodate oncoming vehicles on narrow roads.
  • Left Turns Residential: Really good at making safe left turns! Great speed control, steering control, and always checking for traffic and pedestrians.
  • Signaling: Remembers to cancel the turn signal after changing lanes to curbside park or re-enter traffic.

Weaknesses Identified for Ben:

  • Intersection Traffic Checks: Remember that traffic checks are required before entering any intersection. The traffic check is not only important for your safety, but is also the most common error made on the DMV drive test.
  • Right Turns Residential: Needs to position car a few feet from curb when preparing to make a right hand turn. You should not make right turns from the center of your lane.

Comments from Instructor Mark:

Drove extremely well on this lesson. Listened to all instructions and quickly adapted to various driving techniques. Because Ben grasped the Level 1 concepts quickly, a preview of Level 2, a short introduction to driving in traffic, was performed. Keep up the great work and keep practicing to fine tune skills!

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